Uniform Update!

Blue Sweater Wearers Unite!

This just in from Inflight Services!

An excerpt from the email today.

TO:  All Flight Attendants

We are continuing to align our Uniform and Image Standards with mainline direction.  Therefore, this announces that the Blue Cardigan Sweater is now permitted to be worn as an outermost garment, effective immediately.

Please review the Uniform and Image Standards for the sweater(s) noted below:

7.5.6 Sweater

 The Button Cardigan Sweater can be worn as an outermost garment

 The Button Cardigan Sweater may not be worn under the Long Sleeve Blazer

 The Sweaters must not be worn with the Vest or over the Short Sleeve Jacket

 The Sweaters must be worn with a collared uniform piece.

 The Sweater(s) are recommended to be worn buttoned or zipped

 The Sweaters may not be draped around the neck or tied around the waist.

The Uniform and Image Standards will be revised to reflect this change and updated on the PSA website as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact your Inflight Supervisor.

Happy Sweatering!

Attendance Policy Update/Corrections

From Lee Morris Wilkes and Diane Lyons

In regards to the New Attendance Policy, Anyone that has called off since the new policy went into effect on the 7th and returned to their trip and received a full point instead of a half point needs to send Inflight (and copy Joanne) an email to correct this.

This is the explanation that was given to me when I addressed this with Inflight this weekend, I was told that the Crew Attendance Tracking software can not distinguish between a full and half day when crew members call off and return to their trip at the first option of the day.
As an example: Of a 4 day trip, you call out on day one. You call in well and return on day 3 at the first available time after you call in. The new software is calculating day 3 as a full day missed therefore calculating this day as a whole day missed. This is INCORRECT. You should only be charged for the time up to the point that you return.

If you were charged, since the inception of the new attendance policy on Feb 7th, for a full day when you returned to your trip at the first option, then you should email Inflight and copy Joanne.

Keep copies of all of your attendance emails as well as a copy of your schedule before and after the missed trips.

Unfortunately, at this time, we have no other information and no answers as to how else to address this. We are asking you to send all emails to them with requests to correct this immediately. Send them everything that you feel should be removed. Back your requests up with facts.

As stated previously, the email that had the new inflight email address is not working. The old email was working and I did test this with one of the inflight supervisors this afternoon and they will be having someone look into it tomorrow.

In Solidarity and Unity,
Lee and Diane

Profit Sharing Update

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Profit Sharing Update


Since there has been many questions and concerns surrounding our Profit Sharing checks, here is a break down of what we currently know:

  • Flight Attendants who are currently participating in the 401(k), the amount you are already participating will come out of the Profit Sharing check.
  • There is no option to change this, turn it off, or elect the maximum amount (entirely or total whole) of the Profit Sharing check to go into your 401(k).
  • The Profit Sharing check will be a separate payment done via direct deposit.
  • Taxes will be withheld at the supplemental rate (aka bonus) for federal tax of 25% for everyone.
  • The Profit Sharing check date has not been determined as of right now however sometime in March is expected.


I encourage each of you to review your employee email as PSA will be communicating more specific details.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions.


Lisa Wulff

Benefits Chair

(513) 571-4647





An announcement was sent out to your Company email. Profit Sharing is scheduled to be paid out on March 10. You can elect to be paid out, or contribute all or a portion to your 401k. Please refer to the Company email sent on February 17 for details. – Lee Wilkes

Hotel Committee News!

The Hotel Committee from AFA and ALPA had a monthly conference call today with Travelliance and Management. Some of the hot topics that the committee and management are working on:

Hotel Shops
We are currently shopping SYR and PHL. After these shops are done we will focus on replacing, MHT, GPT and ORF.

New Hotel
STL is our newest RON which started Jan 31st. The Holiday Inn Airport is the hotel that was agreed upon by the hotel committee. Expect an email from Management with a Hotel Announcement along with the amenities and things to do.

Current Hotel Issues
There remain some issues with several hotels that the committee has been made aware of and are working with management and Travelliance to resolve these issues.

GNV – Crews should be receiving coffee and Grab n’ Go’s for the early morning departures.

DAB – We have been made aware that the owner of the Hampton Inn ended free transportation and the only transportation they will provide is to and from the airport. Travelliance is working on trying to resolve this issue, as we want to provide our crews with transportation to restaurants and shops within the area.

DAY – The Clarion is now marked as a Do Not Use hotel. After numerous issues, Management and Travelliance has removed the Clarion for training and all other crews. The hotels in use are the Best Western, Crowne Plaza, Fairfield Inn and we are currently looking into the Hampton Inn.

If you have any hotel complaints, please email rlail@afapsa.org and submit a complaint through Travelliance Crewconnex. If you do not know how to access Crewconnex please visit the Travelliance page under the Crew Members section on the Employee Website. Don’t have the Travelliance number?
1(844) 787-4898

Fly Safe and Stand United.
Ronnie Lail
AFA Hotel Chairman

Air Health, Safety and Security Update

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
Air Health, Safety, & Security Update
We are hearing that there is mold back on the aircraft. We need data and proof. Please send tail numbers and pictures to Jose Hernandez at jhernandez@afapsa.org. We are hoping to have all tail numbers by February 20th. Please help us collect all aircraft to send it to the safety department. As must of you know we do have a cleaning policy in place but it’s getting missed.
Fatigue Report: Please make sure you are completing your fatigue report within 24 hours once you called out. It has to have detail in it. You can ask for a hotel in base. You get that hotel for 10hrs. If a union rep calls you and ask you to add information to your report, please make sure you do. If you have any questions about fatigue contact Megan Hughes at meganhughes@afapsa.org or at (513) 265-8658.
We are also starting to collect old blue uniforms for members that are haveing reaction to the new American uniforms. Please if you have any pieces please contact Colleen Cafferty at colleen.caffrey@icloud.com. We are trying to collect as many pieces as we can.
If you are having a reaction to the new American uniforms please fill out this report at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DWZSCHS.
Please call Megan Hughes if you have any questions for uniform reactions or how to approach managment to get options. (513) 265-8658 or meganhughes@afapsa.org.
Please remember Facebook or Facebook messenger is not a good way to get ahold of a rep. If you need to contact a rep please email, call or text.
Thank you and fly safe!
Megan Hughes
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Negotiations Update!

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
Your AFA Negotiation Committee, Lee Wilkes, Austin Kukral and Alicia Brockers met with PSA management representatives in Dayton the week of January 30, 2017 to begin negotiating your amended Agreement. Your committee was assisted by AFA Staff Negotiator Suzanne Balzer.  Representing PSA management was Matt Kernan, Deb Hoke, Joanne Dinkelacker, and Tony Bralich, F & H Solutions Group.  Also, joining us on the first day was Michael Scrobola.
During this first session we were prepared to discuss the following Sections:
– SECTION 1  Recognition, Scope, Successorship and Mergers
– SECTION 11 Seniority
– SECTION 12 Probation
– SECTION 13 Union Business
– SECTION 14 Agency Shop and Dues Checkoff
– SECTION 15 Grievances
– SECTION 19 Job Vacancy Bid System/Filling of Vacancies
– SECTION 20 Opening and Closing of Domiciles
After discussion we were able to reach Tentative Agreement (TA) on the Sections 1, 12, 13, 15, 19 and 20. We are encouraged by this progress but we still have a great deal of work in ahead.  Using your replies to the survey, we know that there are a number of serious changes that must be addressed in order to be successful.  You may note that none of the Sections listed above have any economic impact.  That is correct; economic issues are always among the last to be settled.  Please know we do not underestimate the importance of these issues and we fully expect these to be among the most difficult to resolve but your committee is dedicated to present to you a total package that places the correct value on the work you do each and every day.
We are scheduled to meet again the week of March 27, 2017. Thank you for your support and encouragement.
Fly safe and take care of each other.
© 2017 Association of Flight Attendants-CWA | 501 3rd Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
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Urgent! Important DAY Hotel Information!

From Ronnie Lail – Hotel Chair

Urgent DAY Update
If you are scheduled to stay in DAY and the hotel is the Clarion, please call Travel Alliance ASAP. The Clarion is no longer being used for any RON’S or Training. Any question please call/text me 9803332500 Thank you. Fly safe. As always your hotel committee is here for you.
Travel Alliance 9522780543

Potential Weather Delays

From MEC President Lee Wilkes-

Weather Event:

A snowstorm is slated to hit the northeast tomorrow. Affected airports are expected to be BOS, DCA, IAD, LGA, BDL, PVD, and PHL.

The Company has sent a list of these airports with the “potential” flight cancellations and possible RON cancellations. If you are a commuter or have scheduled flights and/or RONs in these cities please plan accordingly.

We will keep you updated if we get any further information. Predicted forecasts are always subject to change, so anticipated cancellations could be reinstated. Please pay attention to your schedules, and for your benefit take a screenshot or print your original pairings now.

Uniform Issues/Reactions

Uniform Issues/Reactions

We are pleased to announce that the Company will finally be putting a “protocol” up to a process for reimbursement on their employee website for those who are having Uniform Reactions. I did speak to them this morning, which was when it was supposed to be put on, however they were having difficulties in adding the expense report link. With that being said, there is now a policy that is streamlined for each employee the same. Until the Company resolves the issue of attaching that one link, please call your inflight supervisor or Megan Jane Hughes for directions.