Attendance Policy Update/Corrections

From Lee Morris Wilkes and Diane Lyons

In regards to the New Attendance Policy, Anyone that has called off since the new policy went into effect on the 7th and returned to their trip and received a full point instead of a half point needs to send Inflight (and copy Joanne) an email to correct this.

This is the explanation that was given to me when I addressed this with Inflight this weekend, I was told that the Crew Attendance Tracking software can not distinguish between a full and half day when crew members call off and return to their trip at the first option of the day.
As an example: Of a 4 day trip, you call out on day one. You call in well and return on day 3 at the first available time after you call in. The new software is calculating day 3 as a full day missed therefore calculating this day as a whole day missed. This is INCORRECT. You should only be charged for the time up to the point that you return.

If you were charged, since the inception of the new attendance policy on Feb 7th, for a full day when you returned to your trip at the first option, then you should email Inflight and copy Joanne.

Keep copies of all of your attendance emails as well as a copy of your schedule before and after the missed trips.

Unfortunately, at this time, we have no other information and no answers as to how else to address this. We are asking you to send all emails to them with requests to correct this immediately. Send them everything that you feel should be removed. Back your requests up with facts.

As stated previously, the email that had the new inflight email address is not working. The old email was working and I did test this with one of the inflight supervisors this afternoon and they will be having someone look into it tomorrow.

In Solidarity and Unity,
Lee and Diane