Uniform Update!

Blue Sweater Wearers Unite!

This just in from Inflight Services!

An excerpt from the email today.

TO:  All Flight Attendants

We are continuing to align our Uniform and Image Standards with mainline direction.  Therefore, this announces that the Blue Cardigan Sweater is now permitted to be worn as an outermost garment, effective immediately.

Please review the Uniform and Image Standards for the sweater(s) noted below:

7.5.6 Sweater

 The Button Cardigan Sweater can be worn as an outermost garment

 The Button Cardigan Sweater may not be worn under the Long Sleeve Blazer

 The Sweaters must not be worn with the Vest or over the Short Sleeve Jacket

 The Sweaters must be worn with a collared uniform piece.

 The Sweater(s) are recommended to be worn buttoned or zipped

 The Sweaters may not be draped around the neck or tied around the waist.

The Uniform and Image Standards will be revised to reflect this change and updated on the PSA website as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact your Inflight Supervisor.

Happy Sweatering!