We are currently seeking candidates to be considered for Base Reps at DCA.
Duties of responsibility are as follows but not limited to:
  •  Updating and maintaining the AFA bulletin board in that Domicile (coming soon) and distribute AFA material to v-files
  •  Being a liaison between the members in the base, supervisors, and the MEC
  •  Knowledgeable in the area to help assist new hires with information about hotels, transportation, crash pads, etc.
  •  Strong contract knowledge
  •   Able to identify base specific problems and bring them to the attention of the MEC
  • Applicants are preferred to have at least one year experience with the Company, however since this is a new base we will consider those with under one year.
  • Will need to sign a one (1) year commitment to serve and need to be a member in good standing (not delinquent on AFA dues)
 Please send resumes to Diane Lyons at dlyons@afapsa.org
Any questions concerning the position can be directed to Lee Wilkes at  330-831-5740

Special Projects Ideas!

Since Diane Lyons and myself have been in office, we have consistently each month operated the MEC/LEC under budget. Being fiscally responsible has allowed the council to do several things for the membership such as sending an EAP rep to advanced training, upcoming crew room sits by the air health and safety committee, more scheduling committee meetings, gearing up the government Affairs committee for the fight for 10, etc., all while being engaged in negotiations. While we continue to monitor the needs of the membership and committees evolving the growth of our airline, we’d like to extend the opportunity to give us your input on a project or committee work you would like to see happen.

Examples would be:
Educational sits by the scheduling committee, grievance committee, air health and safety , etc. or a special project by any committee.

Things not to ask for because it doesn’t pertain- anything involving a complaint about company issue that is geared towards negotiations. We’re asking if you’d like to see a special project from a certain committee that we are not thinking of, that would be beneficial to the membership.

Send us your ideas and we’ll see what you come up with !


A major winter storm is already making its way through the mid-west and is showing to have a high impact on the northeast on Tuesday. It’s showing 12″+ in both Philadelphia and NYC. If you are flying anywhere in the northeast tomorrow (DCA, IAD, PHL, AVP, MDT, ABE, LGA, HPN, etc.), please be prepared for delays and cancellations. As always, have your contract ready.

Lee & myself will be available so please don’t hesitate to call either of us as well as any of the other committee members for assistance.

Fly safe everyone!

Lee Wilkes (330) 831-5740
Diane Lyons (856) 308-4003


With winter storm Stella approaching the northeast tomorrow, the company is willing to provide hotel accommodations this evening to anyone wanting to commute in early, ahead of the storm, for DCA based employees.

However, room availability in DCA is limited, so requests will be on a first come, first serve basis until the rooms are filled. If you would like a room for this evening, please call scheduling immediately to secure. If you secure a room and end up unable to commute in, please let scheduling know so it can be afforded to someone else.

Also, if you’re doing a double leg commute through PHL, they are willing to work with you if you end up getting stuck there as well due to flight cancellations. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are both available to help.


Lee Wilkes (330) 831-5740 & Diane Lyons (856) 308-4003

Government Affairs Committee Openings! Get Involved in your council!

From Lee Wilkes:

Government Affairs Representatives Opening

AFA Government Affairs Department

AFA Government Affairs lobbies members of Congress, provides lobbying training to AFA members and organizes grassroots member activism around the issues that matter most to Flight Attendants. AFA is frequently invited to provide expert advice on Flight Attendant issues and to give testimony on behalf of our members in congressional hearings. The AFA Government Affairs Department and our extensive network of Flight Attendant activists influence decisions made at the highest levels of government that directly impact our profession.

When AFA successfully shepherds a Flight Attendant issue through the legislative process until it is enacted into law, we can take it off of the negotiating table and use our leverage to obtain other contractual gains.

The Government Affairs Department has won many issues over the years that impact our daily jobs, such as the ” No Knives of Airplanes” campaign and most recently is working on the “Fight for 10”

If you have experience or knowledge in this area, are passionate about legislative issues that affect our industry, and would like to be our voice on Capitol Hill, please respond to Diane Lyons or myself for an application. If selected you will need to sign a one year commitment to serve.

We currently have 2 members, however we would like to get this committee more involved. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

Fight for 10

Over the next few weeks we will be getting these distributed to all bases. Each and every flight attendant is encouraged to fill one out. In the meantime you can be calling your representatives. Visit afacwa.org to learn more and how your voice can help make a difference. #fightfor10

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Scheduling and Scheduling Petition Committee meeting with Management

From Lee Wilkes:

On March 15, the scheduling committee and original scheduling petition committee will be meeting with the Company for the first of 4 quarterly meetings this year. If you have items you would like to be considered for discussion, please submit them to either committee, as both are working together. With DCA opening, information from that base will be useful as the committees will be monitoring the growth in flying there over the next few months.

*Please email any suggestions, examples of improvements, etc to Breanne or Mary Barnes.*


AFA Honors International Women’s Day

This year women are mobilizing an international day of action, A Day Without Women, and encouraging participants to avoid shopping, wear red and promote women’s equality among other solidarity actions. Imagine aviation without women – it’s just not possible. It is fitting that on International Women’s Day, our union that was founded by strong women and which remains largely a workforce of women has the platform to testify in the United States Congress on the issue of equal rest and enforcing international agreements that maintain our rights to organize, collectively bargain and protect all of the advancements we’ve made for equality.

New Attendance Policy -Grievance Filed!

From MEC President, Lee Wilkes.

Today the Union filed an MEC grievance in regards to the attendance policy. As of yesterday I was informed by the Company that days incurred last year are not eligible to reduce point values In the current system and the only days eligible to fall off of one’s attendance record will not begin until February 7, 2018. This is contrary to the policy as written, and therefore I have filed the grievance. We will be seeking information from affected flight attendants that may have had a “clean” record in the upcoming months from days falling off, but due to this new information will not have a reduction in discipline. We will send out an Eline in the coming days with more information. I do encourage everyone to please sign up to the AFA website (afapsa.org) as we will be moving away from Facebook in the near future and referring all important information to the website.

A word from Megan Hughes, AH&S Chair

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

A word from Megan Hughes, AH&S Chair


Good Afternoon Everyone,
I will be on vacation March 4th- March 12th. Please contact Robin or Jose if you need to speak to them on the phone.

Robin Coombs will be filling in for me. Her phone number is 937-608-8591. She is trained for Emergency procedures as well if you need help.

Jose Hernandez will be filling in for Fatigue. His phone number is 937-608-8591 and his email is jhernandez@afapsa.org. He is also still collecting data on mold in airplanes. Please if you are seeing mold report it to him. We only have one person that has submitted pictures to us. He needs the tail number, date, and flight number.

I will have internet so I still will be the main point of contact for uniform issues. If you have any uniform issues please email me and I will continue to help you through the process. My email is meganhughes@afapsa.org
We are having Uniform Airport Sits later this month! Next month hopefully I will be able to do CVG and TYS. During the airport sits there will be information available for you. We are also asking for any old US Airways uniforms. We need the Blue uniforms to help the Flight Attendants that are having reactions. We are creating an open closet for Flight Attendants that are in need. Please help us and bring them to the airport sits.
March 25th- CLT 4pm- 9pm
March 26th- CLT 10am- 5pm
March 28th- DAY 6am-12 3pm-8pm
If you are in need of blue uniform pieces please contact Colleen Caffrey at 802-234-8683 or email Colleen.caffrey@icloud.com

Thank you everyone and Fly Safe!


In Solidarity,

Megan Hughes