A word from Megan Hughes, AH&S Chair

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

A word from Megan Hughes, AH&S Chair


Good Afternoon Everyone,
I will be on vacation March 4th- March 12th. Please contact Robin or Jose if you need to speak to them on the phone.

Robin Coombs will be filling in for me. Her phone number is 937-608-8591. She is trained for Emergency procedures as well if you need help.

Jose Hernandez will be filling in for Fatigue. His phone number is 937-608-8591 and his email is jhernandez@afapsa.org. He is also still collecting data on mold in airplanes. Please if you are seeing mold report it to him. We only have one person that has submitted pictures to us. He needs the tail number, date, and flight number.

I will have internet so I still will be the main point of contact for uniform issues. If you have any uniform issues please email me and I will continue to help you through the process. My email is meganhughes@afapsa.org
We are having Uniform Airport Sits later this month! Next month hopefully I will be able to do CVG and TYS. During the airport sits there will be information available for you. We are also asking for any old US Airways uniforms. We need the Blue uniforms to help the Flight Attendants that are having reactions. We are creating an open closet for Flight Attendants that are in need. Please help us and bring them to the airport sits.
March 25th- CLT 4pm- 9pm
March 26th- CLT 10am- 5pm
March 28th- DAY 6am-12 3pm-8pm
If you are in need of blue uniform pieces please contact Colleen Caffrey at 802-234-8683 or email Colleen.caffrey@icloud.com

Thank you everyone and Fly Safe!


In Solidarity,

Megan Hughes