MEC Attandance Policy Grievance Update!

Attendance Policy Grievance Update-

Just received certified mail that the grievance has been signed off through the System Board of Adjustment Process. The Company should be receiving their certified copy today as well. Now we can start the process of getting the grievance scheduled for arbitration. This will still take some time as there are many steps through the legal process. We will keep you informed as to when a date is scheduled. Thank you for your patience as we are working very hard to get this expedited as quickly as possible.

In solidarity,

Lee, Diane, and Terri

Contract Negotiations Update

Your PSA AFA Negotiations Committee met with management March 28-30, 2017 in Dayton Ohio. Representing you at the table were Lee Wilkes, Alicia Brockers, and Austin Kukral. We were assisted by AFA Staff Negotiator Suzanne Balzer. Representing management at this session was Deb Hoke, Joanne Dinkelacker, and Tony Bralich, F&H Solutions.

We continue to make excellent progress on improvements to your Contract. We have Tentative Agreement on the following sections:

Section 1 Recognition, Scope, Successorship and Merger
Section 11 Seniority
Section 12 Probation
Section 13 Union Business
Section 14 Agency Shop and Dues Check Off
Section 15 Grievances
Section 16 System Board of Adjustment
Section 17 Training
Section 19 Job Vacancy Bid System/Filling of Vacancies
Section 20 Opening and Closing of Domiciles
Section 22 Health and Safety
Section 25 Hostage Benefits
Section 27 No Strike/No Lockout
Section 28 Employee Assistance/Professional Standards

We have exchanged proposals on Leaves of Absence and General.

This is encouraging but we have a long way to go. In the next few sessions we should be starting to talk about economic issues and most likely the pace will slow down. Our next session is scheduled for the week of May 1, 2017.

We appreciate all your support! Proudly wear your AFA pin. Fly safe and take care of each other.



Due to no response to the application, we have solicited Jbari Campbell and he has accepted the position.

Jay will be working on getting an information packet together for flight attendants coming to DCA as far as hotels with discounts, transportation, etc….

Thank you Jbari Campbell for taking on this position. It’s greatly appreciated.

His phone number is 301-892-0818
and his email is

Please join us in thanking Jbari for stepping up and taking on this position to benefit the DCA base flight attendants.

Negotiations Update

Last week we sat through another session and have been making pretty good progress. An E-line is drafted and will be sent out by Diane as soon as she has some down time from flying. Please refer to your email that these E-lines come to or the AFA website
These will be the only two places that negotiations information can be posted.
Thank you for your continued support and please remember to be wearing your AFA Pin in Solidarity and Support.

Attendance Policy Grievance Update

Attendance Policy Grievance
Many have been asking. The grievance has now been submitted for the System Board of Adjustment Process. This normally takes about 30 days, Once that is complete, we will file for immediate arbitration. The arbitration process can take a while, but we will push it through at the highest priority. I will keep you updated throughout the stages until we actually get a hearing scheduled.

Payroll Committee News

Possibly some good news for payroll committee
A couple years ago we started a payroll committee. Payroll is not a typical AFA committee, so it was kind of our own thing. The idea was to help people understand their paycheck. I would like to make clear that this committee is there to strictly try to help, but is in no way obligated to do payroll discrepancies for you. Only you can do that part. They are there to assist in understanding if your discrepancy is denied and you believe that it is still inaccurate. They are not part of PSA payroll, and have nothing to do with you actually being paid by PSA. I have to make that known, because there are still some that think they are part of the actual payroll process.
With that being said, I’ve been working on seeing if the Company would sit down with us and do some scenarios that aren’t typically defined in the the contract that makes things difficult to dissect, such as unpaid leave, workers comp, etc… anything that changes your guarantee.
Pending approval from the Company, I think this is going to happen. With that being said, with our numbers CJ Medlin cannot do this on his own. We will be looking for a couple volunteers to actually get a crash course in payroll training from our payroll department ( Pending final approval from the Company). This will have to be a quick throw together committee to help assist CJ and will most likely happen this month. I’ll get an actual Committee Description up today or tomorrow, as if this goes through the training will most likely commence this month.

Government Affairs:

Diane had sent out applications to those that expressed interest. If for some reason you did not receive it please text me immediately at 330-831-5740 so we can see if it was an incorrect email.
For those that did receive them, please have them back to us by this Friday so this committee can get up and functioning for the agendas this year.