Uniform Wear Issues/Information

Uniform Wear Issues/Information

Good Afternoon everyone!

Are you having issues with your uniform? Are you not sure if you are? Do you have questions that AFA might have an answer to? Let us help you!

See also: Uniform Dos and Don’ts

Our numbers keep growing with uniform reactions daily! With the heat starting to rise more people will start having reactions. Here are some Do and Dont’s that are attached. Please remember AFA is suggesting that everyone gets into a safer uniform. The chemicals that were found in the American Uniforms have short term and long term effects on your body. You can find the list of chemicals on the AFA website. Remember even if you are NOT having a problem with the uniform your line partner might be.

Please help us help you by reporting to AFA by completing the online questionnaire at:


This questionnaire was made for Flight Attendants to start reporting to AFA. All three regionals (Piedmont, Envoy and PSA) are using this. Please take the five minutes to complete it!

Also here is the link to the AFA website: afanet.org/uniforms

This website has all current information and quidance on what is going on. Remember these uniforms can have short term or long term effect on your body.

A university research group is doing some testing on the garments for FREE and another university group may join that effort. We are collecting any unopened uniforms that are still in the plastic to send. Please contact Megan Hughes for details.

Please contact your local support for guidance and help! No question is a stupid question so give us a call, text or email. We do ask for you to contact us 9am- 9pm due to the fact that we fly too!

Megan Hughes

Colleen Caffrey

Mary Barnes

We can help guide you through the company policy on how to get changed over to a safer option for you. Attached is the company policy and how to contact them to let them know you are effected. If the company tells you to order the Aramark uniforms please order them but DO NOT wear them until the company does testing with AFA. The Aramark uniforms are expected to arrive in September for the Regionals. If you get them sooner please let AFA know. We want to make sure everyone is in safe uniforms and is looking good!

We also have a “Open Closet” that is in CLT. AFA has been collecting any LUS (Legacy US) Blue Uniforms. If you need pieces to complete a compliant uniform or if you have any to donate please contact us! You can contact Colleen, Mary, or Megan And we will try to coordinate and find the right size for you.

Remember this is about your health and Safety! You could be having a internal or external reaction. Your health has to come first!