Change in HR and Administrative Duties

Change in HR and administrative Duties –

Brent Brandon will no longer be handling FMLA and MLOA leaves. His new position is not yet clear, but we will pass along as soon as we hear from the Company. He is most likely moving to an employee relations roles.

Karen Shoyer is no longer with the Company. The following email is who all leaves should be handle through. Jamie King also will now handle FMLA, but it was left out of the email.

As previously mentioned, Brent Brandon is no longer handling Medical and Workers Compensation Leave Administration. This function has been transferred to Jamie King with PSA HR.

Medical Leave

When a flight attendant requests and is granted a medical leave of absence:

1. FAs should submit the written request and satisfactory medical documentation to their supervisor in accordance with Section 8B of the CBA.

2. The supervisor will forward the medical documentation to Jamie King for review, the Inflight Manager and Jamie will process approval or notify FA of denial. If approved, Jamie and Inflight Supervisor will coordinate the paperwork processing of the medical leave as applicable;

3. Thereafter, once a medical leave is approved, questions about the leave should be directed to Jamie.

Workers Compensation Leave

When a flight attendant becomes injured or ill on the job:

1. If the injury or illness permits, the FA should contact crew scheduling to report an absence, if applicable in accordance with Section 8D of the CBA.

2. FAs should contact their supervisors to report the injury, go to the PSA website and complete the appropriate OJI report within 24 hours of the injury/illness. If assistance is needed, the FA should contact their supervisor;

3. Thereafter, once a OJI leave is approved, questions about the OJI leave, should be directed to Brenda O’donnell (brenda.o’ with the SSO.

4. The paperwork processing of the OJI leave and PAN submission/RTW will be handled by Jamie King

Jamie King’s office is at HQ in Dayton.

(937) 665.2723

Brenda O’donnell is with the Shared Services Organization (SSO). Her office is located in Middletown, PA.



Other Leaves:

Personal Leave

When a flight attendant requests a personal leave:

1. The FA must submit the request in writing to their supervisor in accordance with Section 8A of the CBA. The request will be reviewed for approval consideration.

Military Leave

2. Military leave will be granted in accordance with applicable law. Re: Section 8F of the CBA