Update on Domicile Bidding in FLICA

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Update on Domicile Bidding


The company has agreed to extend Domicile bidding until Wednesday, August 16th by noon. It is very important that ALL flight attendants must do this initially for the system transfer. Even if you are not changing bases, EACH and EVERY flight attendant must submit a bid.

We ask that you help spread the word to your flying partners and ask them to do the same to ensure everyone completes their bid. Again, every flight attendant must do this once, even if you are not changing your domicile.



The following email was sent out by the company today:



In order to give you more time to update your domicile (base) preferences in FLICA, the Flight Attendant Domicile Vacancy bid will be extended until Wednesday Aug 16 at 12:00 EDT.

NOTE: Domicile bids can no longer be accepted via the old website. All domicile bids must be submitted via the company website utilizing the FLICA Vacancy bid award program.

All Flight Attendants must update their domiciles preferences in FLICA as any bid previously submitted cannot be transferred to the new system.


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