Terri Rogers – Unavailable

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Terri Rogers – Unavailable


Grievance Chair Terri Rogers will be unavailable beginning April 25th through May 7th. If you need meeting representation, please ensure that you contact Lee Wilkes during this time via phone call or text. (Do not use Facebook Messenger) Please ensure you give timely notice before the meeting.

Lee Wilkes

(330) 831-5740

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Commuter Policy

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA



The commuter policy can be found in the employee handbook, Section 14, and also on the website under the quick links tab. Both are labeled “PSA Commuter Benefit Program”.


Here is a list of frequently asked questions for anyone that may not be familiar with the policy:


When do I list?

  • You must list 24-48 hours in advance of the scheduled departure time of the flight you intend to use to commute to work. The flights need to have available seats.

Does my flights have to be on American?

  • No, you can use other carriers, as long as you have supporting documentation.

What documentation does the Company require, and when/where do I have to submit it?

  • If traveling on the American system, you can obtain check in passes either at a kiosk or at the gate. Even if you think you may get on the flight, you should always get this regardless. Out of the ordinary circumstances could happen at any time, such as a mechanical. If traveling on another carrier, you should get this from the agent as well. Make sure you get the documentation prior to the flight closing out. Once the flight closes, agents are no longer able to print them. This is the only acceptable form of documentation the Company will take. Internet printed passes are not accepted, they must be able to verify that the employee was actually at the airport. If you have missed two flights, then you will then need to turn these documents into your inflight supervisor within 24 hours. (Emailing them is permitted until you can get them the hard copies, but must be turned in by the end of your trip) It is highly recommended that you also keep copies for yourself in case there is ever a discrepancy.

What are the steps if I missed my commute?

  • If you were not able to get on the first attempt, you must immediately call scheduling. You will inform them of the flight number that you missed, and the flight number of your second attempt. If you missed the second attempt or if the flight is delayed, you will need to call scheduling again with the same information. At that point, scheduling will most likely tell you that you have to keep trying until you get on a flight and to let them know once you have made it to your domicile. The same steps will still apply for as many flights as you are attempting, Make sure you are calling each flight missed and getting your documentation for EACH FLIGHT. It is the Company’s discretion as to when you can be released from attempting and try again the next day. Even if you missed your overnight, they can reassign you other flying once you reach your domicile until you can rejoin your original trip.

Please review the entire policy to ensure you are familiar with all aspects of the program.

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Members Meeting – Conference Call


Good Evening All,

We apologize for having to postpone today’s members meeting but we are excited to announce we will be conducting 3 members meeting sessions to allow more of our members to join the calls.

The purpose of this meeting to discuss agenda items that will be presented at the upcoming AFA Board of Directors meeting.

The meeting dates and times are as followed:

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 @ 4pm
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 @ 11am
Friday, April 6, 2018 @ 2pm

Call information
Phone #: 712-775-7031
Access code: 326 935 657

We hope you can join us for a least one of the sessions. Meetings will be approximately 1-2 hours long. Even if you can’t attend it in entirety, we hope you can join for some of the time.

Thank you & Fly Safe!

*please note, this is union information and we ask that you please do not copy and paste this to any other groups. Thank you for cooperation.

Contact Negotiations Update

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
The week of March 26, 2018, your Negotiations Committee met with PSA management in Dayton, Ohio. For this session your committee was Marty Dellinger and Alicia Brockers assisted by AFA Staff Negotiator Suzanne Balzer. Due to a personal situation, MEC President Lee Wilkes was unable to attend but we consulted her via phone. Representing PSA was Keith Stamper, Deb Hoke, Brookelen Resides, Brenton Yeager, and Tony Bralich of F&H Solutions.


We had prepared counter proposals to management’s last proposals of January 2018. This counter included:
  • Compensation
  • Travel Expenses
  • Sick Leave
  • Vacation
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Hours of Service and Scheduling
  • Reserve
  • Uniforms
  • Retirement
Before our session ended, management presented counter proposals to Uniforms, Leaves of Absence and Sick Leave.  We were able to reach a Tentative Agreement (TA) on Uniforms and have narrowed our issues in Leaves of Absence and Sick Leave.

We continue to make it clear what are your top priorities! We must see vastly improved wages and increased flexibility-our quality of life! We are in the most complicated areas of the Contract and progress may take some time but that is what may be needed to reach the agreement you have earned and you deserve.

We have no session scheduled for April due to scheduling conflicts but have tentative dates in May and confirmed sessions in June and July.


Again we appreciate your emails and calls of support! Proudly wear your red AFA pin!



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