DAY Base Representative Announcement

From Lee Wilkes –

DAY base reps-

Julie Hemmert- ‭+1 (915) 202-3205‬
Francie GIllis -‭+1 (937) 478-2253

We are pleased to announce Dayton Base Reps Julie Hemmert and Francie GIllis.

Julie and Francie both help on New Hire the presentation committee. Like the other base reps, these ladies will be putting together base specific information for New Hires and publication to our website. Julie is also a great resource for help with FLICA.

Thank you ladies for your commitment to the DAY members, and expanding your commitments within the Union.

Contract Negotiations Update

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Lee Wilkes, Marty Dellinger, and Alicia Brockers met again with PSA management representatives in Dayton the week of May 14th in our continuing effort to negotiate improvements to our contract. Our committee was assisted by Suzanne Balzer, AFA Staff Negotiator and Theresa O’Donnal, AFA Research Assistant Manager. PSA was represented by Brenton Yeager, Brookelen Resides, Deb Hoke, Keith Stamper and F&H Solutions representative Anthony Bralich. Joining us for the first time was Jeremy Gorges, Director of Employee Relations. Welcome Jeremy!

We were able to tentatively agree to Sick Leave and Uniform Sections. We passed our response to management’s last proposal on Leaves of Absence. Later management answered our Leave of Absence proposal. We had lengthy discussions and believe both sides understand the underlining issues. At this session Theresa O’Donnal and Brenton Yeager were also able to spend some time meeting and discussing the costing of improvements going forward.

While actual changes were not plentiful we had important discussions about possible incentives and improvements that may be possible.  We continue to stress that PSA Flight Attendants must have meaningful improvements to scheduling flexibility and must have pay that sets a standard for the regional industry.  We feel our discussions can lead to serious movement in the not too distant future. We understand that improved scheduling rules are important to all of us. We all need the flexibility to deal with our careers and our families and personal lives.   We are pleased with our progress but we still have a lot of work to do as we try and resolve these complex issues.

Future dates are June 27- 28 and July 10-12 in Dayton.

How can you help?  Wear your red AFA pin and continue your positive feedback. We appreciate all your support!



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New ORF Base Representative Announced

ORF Based Flight Attendants-

Your MEC officers would like to announce your new Union Base Representative

Full name: Brandon Turner
Cell: 757-240-7397

Brandon comes from the ORF area so he will be a great asset to the ORF based Flight Attendants. Brandon will be putting together information for the base including but not limited to- Hotel’s that offer crew discounts, researching crash pad availability, airport/crew room information, transportation options in the area, and other base specific information. He will also report monthly to the MEC any issues within the base, and be a helping hand to the flight attendants by directing them to the appropriate Union representatives specific to their issues. All the information he will be compiling will also be handed out to new hires so they are familiar with their base before arriving, and will also be uploaded to our local Union website.

Please join us in welcoming Brandon to his new role as the ORF base rep. Thank you Brandon for your commitment to the ORF members.

AFA Resolution – June is Pride Month

From Lee Wilkes –

At the Board in Atlantic City, we unanimously passed a Pride Month Recognition resolution.

“THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA celebrates June as LGBTQ Pride Month”

In support of that resolution, AFA has designed a Pride Month AFA pin. A picture of the pin is attached.

If you would like to have/wear a pin, the deadline to order is Friday and they will arrive the 2nd week of June. Please let me know by just responding “want” in the comments and which base you are in so we know how many to order. Thank you.

Payroll Assistance

From Nicole Waggoner, Payroll Rep

Payroll Issues

1. If you have a question with payroll please email me a copy of your pay stub from doculivery so I can see the whole picture. (Guaranteed, over guaranteed, deductions, etc)

2. If your schedule isn’t open in FLICA please either open it or send very detailed screen shots of your schedule if you know where the error is. If it’s open it will make it easier to “dig” around. I’ll understand if you do not feel comfortable opening your schedule on FLICA.

3. I am the only payroll rep and I fly on the line too, please be patient with me and understand that it may take me some time to look into things.

My email is

Hope you have safe travels and friendly skies!

Thank you!

Flight Attendant Critical Days

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Critical Days

All Flight Attendants:

The Company is designating May 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th, 28th  as “critical” for the purposes of pay at the rate of 150% per block hour for any flight attendant who reports for and completes an assignment on these days.  Re: CBA Section 3.K.

Additionally, you will be also be permitted to pick up time over a vacation for the remainder of May.  For these requests, please email Crew Scheduling at

Remember – if you are on reserve and want to pick these days up on your days off, this will go above your guarantee at time and a half as well.


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Hotels Update

Hello fellow FA’s

Based on all the feedback we have received we decided to follow up on the ones with the highest frequency and highest rates of repeat occurrences.
The Hotel committee in conjunction with the company and travelliance continues to work tirelessly to ensure our FA group is provided the highest levels of comfort and ease when on an overnight. It remains our goal to try and resolve and issues you may have as long as they are well documented and brought to our notice in a timely manner.
The list below includes the hotels that we have received the most number of complaints regarding a variety of issues.
For the rest of the feedback we will continue to follow up with the hotels and keep the FA group in the loop as and when we learn of new information.

Below are the findings in regards to feedback received:
MGM- The hotel was assigning transportation to accommodate crews that are scheduled to leave 20 min apart. The hotel will no longer adjust the times, and if they are unable to accommodate shuttle for both crews, they will pay for a taxi for one of the crews to get to the airport on time. If this does not happen please contact travelliance and send us a feedback with the screenshot of your travelliance complaint, They are aware of the issues and will work with you.

IAD- The front desk is aware of all flight arrival/departure times and keeps track online as well. The general manager started working with the drivers to ensure they leave promptly and on time. Also stated that if there are going to be shuttle concerns, that the front desk will provide cab service to minimize any inconvenience to the crew members.

HVN-. The hotel had some trouble with some late and no show drivers, management has stated that when they have an early hotel departure, they will have one manager show up and if the shuttle is not ready, the manager will take them to the airport. Also, if the hotel knows there may be an inconvenience, they will arrange transportation for the crews.

MSN- General Manager working with the housekeeping supervisors to ensure rooms are properly cleaned. Received feedback this last weekend stating that mattresses feel new and comfortable, but curtains were noticeably old, and the AC had a hard time cooling the room. (GM stated that with the temperature fluctuation in the early spring/late winter, that the AC’s need adjusting in which they stated maintenance is going room to room making sure they are programmed correctly)

DTW- Hotel management stated that the hotel has procedures to properly treat stained mattresses. In regards to the feedback, and multiple rooms with stained mattresses, the hotel has gone through inspecting beds in each room to treat any that are stained. Housekeeping manager and General manager are the ones that followed up on the mattresses for treatment.

TLH- The season for the Palmetto bugs is almost over per the hotel. They have had a 3rd party pest control in to spray for the bugs multiple times in the last few months, and mentioned it has been an incident in many hotels in the area. Last feedback received was May 2nd.

GSP- Transportation at the Fairfield will be on the 10th and 40th minute on the hour. The Courtyard transport will be on 05 and 35 minute on the hour. For any reason the hotel shuttle won’t be available, they will reach out and have a taxi ready for the crew to avoid any delays. I have received two responses from crew in the last few weeks, one of which was a shuttle overbooking, that the hotel had set up transportation right away. The hotel will sign the crews up for the shuttle immediately to avoid any overbooking.

DAB- Reached out and employees are able to bring beverages in the van (coffee, water, etc). Currently, there are two restaurants next door to the hotel, and multiple within a mile, but it looks like the other restaurants are on the far side of a divided road. Only received two feedback reports and none regarding transportation in the last two months.

PHL- Transportation arriving late has been followed up with management to ensure that the driver leaves at an appropriate time to arrive at the airport as scheduled to pick up and drop off crew. There has been some complaints as well about food options. There is a restaurant on site, and was noted when the hotel was selected, that there is a shuttle that can take employees to and from restaurants by signing up.

CLE- 8 guest room renovations left and will be done by 6/1/18. We are currently not in CLE this month and will return in June. They are also doing renovations to the decor in the restaurant and parts of the exterior which will all be completed in July.

FLO Trans- When the Hotel was set up in our system, we had failed to factor in the time to and from the airport so the accurate hotel departure time was incorrect on the manifest. . We have gone through each market to ensure the time to and from the hotels are accurate to avoid the issue of incorrect van times on the manifests. Travelliance has regularly kept in touch with the transportation company on departure times for the crew members.

We still continue to receive multiple complaints about transportation. Please know that crews are now authorized to take cabs and ride share services at Block IN + 30. Even if the van is there and is waiting on another crew. If the driver refuses to leave you are still authorized to take alternate means of transport. The hotel when providing a shuttle will not reimburse crews, this has to be done through the CPO, Please fill out the expense reports and submit copies of your travelliance feedback form along with evidence of call history to prove the timeline.

Van Drivers are not required to have keys for crew members on the van. If they have them it’s a plus but it is not a requirement. And it definitely does not disqualify a hotel from being a good one and contractually compliant.

New hotel in LIT should be active. More details to follow on the next update

As always we appreciate all the feedback we receive through the correct channels. Please continue to do so in order to help us make your overnights at least a little better !

Workers Comp Procedures

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA


While we hope the need for workers comp never arises, the reality is that injuries happen on the job. We want to ensure that each flight attendant knows their rights and responsibilities to make the process as seamless as possible.

If you are having a Medical Emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
If it is not a medical emergency, then follow the steps below:

  1. Report accidents/injuries immediately to your supervisor.
  2. Go to the employee website – Under the HR benefits tab select “ Employee Responsibility Form”, read and review the 7 steps you must follow.
  3. Fill out the Employee Claim Form within 24 hours of reporting your injury.   From there follow the process outlined on the Employee Responsibility Form and directions from your supervisor

Even if you were injured and do not seek treatment, you should still report your injury to your supervisor and fill out the Employee Claim Form as a “notice only”. This will protect you if your injury bothers you later.

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Alternative Uniform Procedures

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Alternative Uniform Procedures

We want to ensure our members are informed on current Alternative Uniform procedures.  Please ensure that you have followed all of the correct steps if you are or need to convert to an Alternative Uniform.

1. Fill our a workers Comp form on the PSA website. This must be done each and every time you have a revery reaction eaction. This protects you if you have to miss work due to a reaction. If you do not fill out the form for every reaction or flare up due to the uniform, attendance points will not be corrected. We can not stress enough the importance of this step.

2. Notify your inflight supervisor letting them know you will be switching to an alternate Uniform. Do this by emailing DL_PSA_FAUNIFORMS@PSAAIRLINES.COM and also send an email to your inflight supervisor as well.  Include:


  • Name
  • Employee Number
  • Indicate which option you are choosing to wear
  • Indicate what issues you are having relative to the Uniform-symptoms, etc…and which pieces that is causing the reaction (if known)
  • If you have wool allergies
  • Have you seen a doctor in regard to the issue
  • If so, include the doctor note


Once you have completed this, also send an email to the Union by notifying:
Sean Griffin

(980) 354-1231

Lee Wilkes

(330) 831-5740

Diane Lyons

(856) 308-4003

You can accomplish this by sending one email and CC-ing the other two persons in. This will allow us to keep our own records for the Union. Once you email us, Sean will direct you to fill out a survey for the Union.
When selecting your Alternate Uniform, you have 4 options:
  1. Wear old blue uniform
  2. Purchase “like” gray items
  3. Order Non-Wool from Twin Hill if it is a known wool allergy
  4. Order the Aramark Gray Items
Please visit the PSA website for more detailed Information.
  • Inflight Services and Training
  • Uniforms
There are 3 tabs of information here including Alternative Uniforms and Forms, Uniform Option Procedure, and Uniform Reimbursement. Please make sure you read all Information. You can also use the quick links tab to get to the uniform tabs as well.
If you are purchasing like gray items,, the Company will reimburse you for a complete Uniform complement, at the Company’s expense, minus a coat. The coat however can be reimbursed through your uniform balance. The Uniform reimbursement form can also be found on the PSA website.
Scarves: If in an alternate, you can either wear your training scarf, or purchase a look alike alternate.
As a reminder, you can not mix and match Uniforms. For example, if you are wearing an alternative unifrom, do not wear the Twin Hill scarf with it.
We hope this information was helpful.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need something clarified.
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