Contract Negotiations Update

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Lee Wilkes, Marty Dellinger, and Alicia Brockers met again with PSA management representatives in Dayton the week of May 14th in our continuing effort to negotiate improvements to our contract. Our committee was assisted by Suzanne Balzer, AFA Staff Negotiator and Theresa O’Donnal, AFA Research Assistant Manager. PSA was represented by Brenton Yeager, Brookelen Resides, Deb Hoke, Keith Stamper and F&H Solutions representative Anthony Bralich. Joining us for the first time was Jeremy Gorges, Director of Employee Relations. Welcome Jeremy!

We were able to tentatively agree to Sick Leave and Uniform Sections. We passed our response to management’s last proposal on Leaves of Absence. Later management answered our Leave of Absence proposal. We had lengthy discussions and believe both sides understand the underlining issues. At this session Theresa O’Donnal and Brenton Yeager were also able to spend some time meeting and discussing the costing of improvements going forward.

While actual changes were not plentiful we had important discussions about possible incentives and improvements that may be possible.  We continue to stress that PSA Flight Attendants must have meaningful improvements to scheduling flexibility and must have pay that sets a standard for the regional industry.  We feel our discussions can lead to serious movement in the not too distant future. We understand that improved scheduling rules are important to all of us. We all need the flexibility to deal with our careers and our families and personal lives.   We are pleased with our progress but we still have a lot of work to do as we try and resolve these complex issues.

Future dates are June 27- 28 and July 10-12 in Dayton.

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