Critical Coverage June 17th/June 18th

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

With operations still irregular, the Company sent out an email stating today and tomorrow, June 17th & 18th, have been declared as critical. If you are interested in picking up flying, the Company asks to please email your request to, rather than calling. They will monitor continuously to process requests.

We know the past few days have been extremely frustrating and we would like to thank you all for your patience.

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your AFA union reps or your Company base supervisors.

The following is the latest Company information sent out today:


  • CLT Gate Management – Managing our traffic in and out of CLT will remain a priority today to ensure that gate conflicts do not create ripple effects throughout the system. Holds for outstation aircraft inbound to CLT will be imposed to meter the traffic. What this means for our crewmembers is that connection times will likely be short for our passengers and crewmembers.
  • DCA/PHL – Both DCA and PHL continue to run at a near normal pace and relatively smoothly.
  • ACARS – ACARS still remains intermittent. However, messages are being delivered to Dispatchers. Please continue to call OOOI times to the appropriate stations. This will help us cross check the data and maintain a better track of our aircraft.
  • Flight Plans – since this morning’s email to pilots the associated flight plans appear to be proliferating through to ATC. Contacting Clearance Delivery or Flight Service may not be necessary in all cases, but please retain this as a backup method.
  • Crew Scheduling – Crew Tracking software is operational although slowly. Our Schedulers continue to manage both immediate needs and strategic cancels to manage the operation. Phone volume continues to be high.
  • Critical Coverage – Critical Coverage is also declared for Monday, June 18.Again, this is for all bases and all seats, applicable to both Pilots and Flight Attendants. If you would like to pick up flying please email
  • Inflight Supervisors and Chief Pilots – Please continue to use your Inflight Supervisors and Chief Pilots to aid in resolving schedule issues. We have dedicated resources in OCC that can assist without burdening Crew Schedulers.
  • DH PNR – As we stated yesterday, deadhead PNR’s continue to be problematic. If you are able please check in with the gate agents as soon as possible. If there are issues with your listing contact the Inflight Supervisors or Chief Pilots for resolution.



Thank you and fly safe!

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