Negotiations Committee:


Lee Wilkes – MEC President – DCA

Sean Griffin – LEC75 President – CLT

Becky Black – Rep – DAY

 Zenith Gueret – MEC EAP/Professional Standards Chair – DCA

Surveys Completed

Thank you for everyone who took part in completing the survey.
Completed the survey 43.3%

Negotiations E-Line Updates:

Past Contract Successes

From the 2012 Contract:

  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing of $10 when at the end of a trip.
  • Value of vacation week increased from 18 to 21 hours.
  • Creation of the Long and Short Call Reserve System
  • The ability to trade down to 60 hours – Has been further improved with the current contract.
  • Improved EAP & Professional Standards Language

Did you know our current contract...

  • Will reimburse for uniform dry cleaning expenses. Just submit the expense in Workday.
    Section 11.D: 
    “A Flight Attendant who has completed twelve (12) months of service with the Company will be credited with five hundred dollars ($500.00) every twelve (12) months as a replacement and cleaning allowance. A Flight Attendant’s uniform account may not exceed eight hundred dollars ($800.00).”

Negotiations Video Updates: