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De-Stress Your Holidays – EAP

De-Stress Your Holidays – EAP

The holidays can be fun, but they also can be a source of great stress. Below are some common holiday stressors and suggestions for managing them.

How Can You Deal With Difficult Family Interactions During the Holidays?

  •  Being realistic is the first step. Family dynamics typically revert to historic patterns when families come back together. You don’t have to pretend that all is well, but, you can sidestep difficulties by anticipating them and planning on ways to temporarily separate and defuse.

Do Financial Pressures Stress You Out to the Point of Ruining the Holiday Spirit?

  •  Knowing your spending limit is also a way to relieve holiday stress. People believe that they have to go out and buy gifts because it’s the holidays, even if they can’t afford to do so. Not only is it stressful to feel that you have to buy everyone a gift, but you’ll be stressed for the rest of the year trying to pay off your bills. Perhaps this is the year to make a pact not to exchange gifts but to share time together.  This could also help someone who isn’t in a financial position to exchange gifts with you.

How Do Time Pressures Affect You Around the Holidays?

  •  Putting routines on pause or totally rearranging schedules because of the holidays are the ingredients for exhaustion and chaos.   Prioritize activities that are important and can fit around important replenishing activities like sleep, proper meals and exercise.

How Do You Deal With the Holidays When You Have Just Experienced A Recent Tragedy, Death or Break-up?

  •  If you’re feeling really out of sorts because of a loss or stressor, try to tell those around you what you really need, since they may not know how to help you.  Ask for their understanding if you decline an activity or can’t summon up the holiday spirit.  Give yourself permission to grieve just as you would any other time of the year.

How Do You Cope With Kids Who Want Everything for the Holidays?

  •  Parents need to tell their children to be realistic. It is OK to say to your child that a certain toy is too expensive. Even Santa Claus has limited funds and has to choose what most to give because he has a very long list. You can also tell your children that Mom and Dad and Santa Claus will try to choose the suitable present for the child. Children have to learn that their wish is not someone’s command and to curb their desires for instant gratification.

How Do You Manage the Holidays If They Start Feeling Painful?

  •  If you are unable to shake what you think are “holiday blues” your feelings may not be just about the holidays, but about other things in your life.  If you need help in sorting out or dealing with painful thoughts or feelings, call your AFA EAP for confidential assistance.  Call 1-800-424-2406.

Adapted in part from the American Psychological Association at

Important Reminders!

Important Reminders:

  • Tomorrow, December 7th, is the members meeting, held in CLT from 11:30-1:00. The location will be in the Piedmont Conference room which is above the main food court. Take the staircase, near the piano, and the doors are directly across from the top of the stairs.  Light refreshments will be available. 
  • Issues of Respect training is due tomorrow, December 7, 2018.  AFA requested the deadline be extended until midnight.  Please remember that if you are in a different time zone, it is due at midnight EST. (Eastern time).
  • The National Weather Service is forecasting what could be a major weather event this weekend for North Carolina, with a possibility of several inches of snow, and possibly icy precipitation, depending on how the storm moves in. Please prepare yourself if you will already be out on the line for delays and cancellations. We always recommend packing extra snacks or meals if you bring your own food. Irregular operations are never easy, but unfortunately a reality in the aviation industry. We will keep you updated as more information comes in as to whether CLT operations will be impacted.

Important Deadline – Issue of Respect


ISSUES OF RESPECT TRAINING is a mandatory training. This must be completed not later than Friday, December 7th, by close of business. The original email was sent on November 7th from the email address of
“FlightOPSAdminAssistant” in case it was overlooked. 

It is an LMS training located on the Learning Hub.  

Please share this message with your flying partners. To date, over half have yet to complete the training. It should take about 20 minutes and you are paid one hour of flight time. 

Again, the mandatory training has a deadline of this Friday, December 7th

Vacation Bidding reminder and Members Meeting

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Vacation Bid Reminder & Members Meeting Information Round 1 2019 Vacation Bidding closes tomorrow, November 8th at 12pm.Our 2nd annual Members Meeting will be on Friday, December 7th in the CLT airport Piedmont conference room which is upstairs in the main food court. Times will be TBA.
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Members Update

Members Update – November 2018 
We have a lot going on in November as we prepare for holiday flying. Here are a few items of interest: 
PIP Payout – As outlined in Deb’s email, we will receive a $100 bonus for October Performance!! Great Job!
FALL BACK! – This weekend we will be turning the clocks back at 2am on November 4th.
Your Negotiations Team will be leaving Sunday for DFW all week.
For Daily Issues, Contact Diane Lyons or Terri Rogers. Julie Mosteller can be utilized as a backup contact. As always utilize the Committee Chairs
List for specific issues and remember that some committee chairs may be flying. 
Union Reps – When contacting union reps, please do not use Facebook or Facebook Messenger. For timeliness and urgent issues, contact union reps directly to establish a paper trail.
Vacation Bidding Round One – Don’t forget that if you are bidding for Vacation in round one, the deadline to submit is November 8th at Noon EST. Vacation usage form – If you have an active Family Medical Leave, 
you are required to fill out a vacation usage form no later than 15 days after your 2019 vacation is awarded. Any forms received after the deadline date of December 16, 2018 at 1700, will not be accepted and option 1 on
the Vacation Usage Form will be applied to your 2019 vacation.
Open Enrollment – Open Enrollment for 2019 benefits will be Nov. 9-26.
Annual Open Enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity (unless you
experience a qualified life event) to select medical, dental, vision and
flexible spending account (FSA) benefits for you and your eligible family members for next year.
Working Spouse Provision: This year they are eliminating the working
spouse provision and all spouses are now eligible to be enrolled in 
offered plans.
Full Packets will be available in domiciles on November 5th.
Member’s Meeting – The member’s meeting is in the process of being set
for early December. We are waiting on/requested conference room availability. We will update when we have a firm date and time.
Holiday Meal Schedule – We have petitioned the Company for the meal
schedules/offerings so that you can plan your needs accordingly for
Thanksgiving overnights.
As soon as we have a response, we will publish it.
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FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act): provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks, or 72 days,  of unpaid, job protected leave per year when an employee is unable to work because of a serious health condition for their self or to care for an immediate family member (spouse, child, or parent) with a serious health condition. FMLA may also be taken for the birth and care of a newborn child, and for placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care. 
To be eligible, the employee must have worked with the Company for at least 12 months and worked a minimum of 504 hours.  
There are two types of leave: Block leave and Intermittent.   
Block leave is where you will need to be off for an extended period of time in one time period. Intermittent leave is when the employee takes leave in separate blocks. If you feel you qualify for FMLA, but are unsure, you can learn more at, and may also reach out to AFA.  
It is important to know that PSA has strict reporting procedures and guidelines, so please ensure you are aware of the process for reporting. Some Highlights to remember:PSA uses a third party administrator, (F&H Solutions) to administer.When reporting intermittent FMLA, PSA requires a qualifying absence first before sending paperwork, (meaning the absence must occur first to trigger the paperwork).  If you have a qualifying absence, please report this absence by first calling crew scheduling and reporting the absence as FMLA, and then by contacting F&H solutions to report the absence to them. This will initiate the paperwork to be sent to you. Do these steps in conjunction, so you don’t forget one or the other. For all intermittent absences going forward, you must report all future absences the same way, first to scheduling and then to F&H. There are certain questions you will need to answer, and this is included in your FMLA packet that you receive. Once F&H sends you the paperwork, you have 15 calendar days to return it.  Whether sending yourself, or having the physician fax/email it, get a verification receipt. If there are extenuating circumstances that will prohibit you or your physician from returning the paperwork within the 15 day time frame, you must email F&H solutions to formally ask for an extension.In your FMLA packet there is a vacation usage form. This form does not go to F&H, it will go to crew pay. The email address is on the form.  Ensure you get verification that they have received it and preserve the email you receive by printing or sending to your personal account. The FMLA process can be daunting, but we are here to assist you to ensure you have as much information as possible to make it a seamless process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to an officer or your benefits committee with your questions.  We are here to help!

More information can be found here: 
Resources, FMLA Resource Center
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Insurance Changes

Insurance Changes

AFA met with Human Resources Margaret Soda and Thomas Thompson to review changes to insurance. 

You should be receiving informational postcards soon, if you haven’t already, as an introductory. Thomas Thompson from HR will be sending emails that will include road show dates, times, and locations. Here are some highlights regarding the changes:Effective January 1, 2019, PSA’s health care coverage will be provided by UMR, utilizing the United Healthcare Choice Plus Network.Partnership with Quantam Health – Quantum Health will be an advocate for employees, helping them understand and utilize the benefits available to them that best matches their needs.Dynamic Plan designs including a High Deductible Health Plan and Health Savings Account, including a Plan A, B, and CWorking Spouse Provision – This year PSA has eliminated the working spouse provision and ALL spouses will be eligible to be enrolled.Teladoc will remain an option.Employee premium cost share for flight attendants will remain unchanged at 30 percent, per the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 
 Open enrollment will be November 9 – 26th. There will be no additional dates. 
Information Packets should be available in each domicile November 5th.

We will continue to put out more detailed information, but wanted to give some highlights of the changes.More information will be coming soon.
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