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Vacation Bidding reminder and Members Meeting

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Vacation Bid Reminder & Members Meeting Information Round 1 2019 Vacation Bidding closes tomorrow, November 8th at 12pm.Our 2nd annual Members Meeting will be on Friday, December 7th in the CLT airport Piedmont conference room which is upstairs in the main food court. Times will be TBA.
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Members Update

Members Update – November 2018 
We have a lot going on in November as we prepare for holiday flying. Here are a few items of interest: 
PIP Payout – As outlined in Deb’s email, we will receive a $100 bonus for October Performance!! Great Job!
FALL BACK! – This weekend we will be turning the clocks back at 2am on November 4th.
Your Negotiations Team will be leaving Sunday for DFW all week.
For Daily Issues, Contact Diane Lyons or Terri Rogers. Julie Mosteller can be utilized as a backup contact. As always utilize the Committee Chairs
List for specific issues and remember that some committee chairs may be flying. 
Union Reps – When contacting union reps, please do not use Facebook or Facebook Messenger. For timeliness and urgent issues, contact union reps directly to establish a paper trail.
Vacation Bidding Round One – Don’t forget that if you are bidding for Vacation in round one, the deadline to submit is November 8th at Noon EST. Vacation usage form – If you have an active Family Medical Leave, 
you are required to fill out a vacation usage form no later than 15 days after your 2019 vacation is awarded. Any forms received after the deadline date of December 16, 2018 at 1700, will not be accepted and option 1 on
the Vacation Usage Form will be applied to your 2019 vacation.
Open Enrollment – Open Enrollment for 2019 benefits will be Nov. 9-26.
Annual Open Enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity (unless you
experience a qualified life event) to select medical, dental, vision and
flexible spending account (FSA) benefits for you and your eligible family members for next year.
Working Spouse Provision: This year they are eliminating the working
spouse provision and all spouses are now eligible to be enrolled in 
offered plans.
Full Packets will be available in domiciles on November 5th.
Member’s Meeting – The member’s meeting is in the process of being set
for early December. We are waiting on/requested conference room availability. We will update when we have a firm date and time.
Holiday Meal Schedule – We have petitioned the Company for the meal
schedules/offerings so that you can plan your needs accordingly for
Thanksgiving overnights.
As soon as we have a response, we will publish it.
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FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act): provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks, or 72 days,  of unpaid, job protected leave per year when an employee is unable to work because of a serious health condition for their self or to care for an immediate family member (spouse, child, or parent) with a serious health condition. FMLA may also be taken for the birth and care of a newborn child, and for placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care. 
To be eligible, the employee must have worked with the Company for at least 12 months and worked a minimum of 504 hours.  
There are two types of leave: Block leave and Intermittent.   
Block leave is where you will need to be off for an extended period of time in one time period. Intermittent leave is when the employee takes leave in separate blocks. If you feel you qualify for FMLA, but are unsure, you can learn more at, and may also reach out to AFA.  
It is important to know that PSA has strict reporting procedures and guidelines, so please ensure you are aware of the process for reporting. Some Highlights to remember:PSA uses a third party administrator, (F&H Solutions) to administer.When reporting intermittent FMLA, PSA requires a qualifying absence first before sending paperwork, (meaning the absence must occur first to trigger the paperwork).  If you have a qualifying absence, please report this absence by first calling crew scheduling and reporting the absence as FMLA, and then by contacting F&H solutions to report the absence to them. This will initiate the paperwork to be sent to you. Do these steps in conjunction, so you don’t forget one or the other. For all intermittent absences going forward, you must report all future absences the same way, first to scheduling and then to F&H. There are certain questions you will need to answer, and this is included in your FMLA packet that you receive. Once F&H sends you the paperwork, you have 15 calendar days to return it.  Whether sending yourself, or having the physician fax/email it, get a verification receipt. If there are extenuating circumstances that will prohibit you or your physician from returning the paperwork within the 15 day time frame, you must email F&H solutions to formally ask for an extension.In your FMLA packet there is a vacation usage form. This form does not go to F&H, it will go to crew pay. The email address is on the form.  Ensure you get verification that they have received it and preserve the email you receive by printing or sending to your personal account. The FMLA process can be daunting, but we are here to assist you to ensure you have as much information as possible to make it a seamless process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to an officer or your benefits committee with your questions.  We are here to help!

More information can be found here: 
Resources, FMLA Resource Center
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Insurance Changes

Insurance Changes

AFA met with Human Resources Margaret Soda and Thomas Thompson to review changes to insurance. 

You should be receiving informational postcards soon, if you haven’t already, as an introductory. Thomas Thompson from HR will be sending emails that will include road show dates, times, and locations. Here are some highlights regarding the changes:Effective January 1, 2019, PSA’s health care coverage will be provided by UMR, utilizing the United Healthcare Choice Plus Network.Partnership with Quantam Health – Quantum Health will be an advocate for employees, helping them understand and utilize the benefits available to them that best matches their needs.Dynamic Plan designs including a High Deductible Health Plan and Health Savings Account, including a Plan A, B, and CWorking Spouse Provision – This year PSA has eliminated the working spouse provision and ALL spouses will be eligible to be enrolled.Teladoc will remain an option.Employee premium cost share for flight attendants will remain unchanged at 30 percent, per the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 
 Open enrollment will be November 9 – 26th. There will be no additional dates. 
Information Packets should be available in each domicile November 5th.

We will continue to put out more detailed information, but wanted to give some highlights of the changes.More information will be coming soon.
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Rest Now: It’s About Safety, Health and Equality.

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Rest Now: It’s About Safety, Health and Equality.September 20, 2018The House and Senate committee leadership are talking right now to determine whether they can agree on a long-term FAA Reauthorization bill to be adopted before the September 30, 2018 extension deadline. 

While not yet certain, there is a good chance Congress will actually pass a bill before the end of the month. So this is it! Here in DC we are working all of our internal channels to make this a success for us, but the reality is that the committee Republican leadership in the Senate is working hard to reduce 10 hours to only 9.
We need your calls TODAY to ensure the Senate maintains the House 10 hours irreducible rest language.
CALL 855-534-1774 NOW and say
:“I am a Flight Attendant and a constituent. The FAA bill is coming together in pre-conference. I would like my Senator to weigh in with Chairman Thune to tell him to maintain the House language of 10 Hours Rest for Flight Attendants and not a minute less, in the FAA Reauthorization Bill. It’s about safety, health and equality — we are the only country in the world to have different minimum rest for Flight Attendants and Pilots.  Please let me know if my Senator is able to make that call. This is our top safety priority as Flight Attendants. Thank you.”
Safety7 fatigue studies commissioned by Congress confirm Flight Attendants are fatigued and more rest is needed so that aviation’s first responders can do our jobs.

Health: Study results released in June 2018 by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that Flight Attendants have a significantly higher rate of cancer than the general public, even though the general public is on average less fit. Lack of sleep and interrupted sleep are cited as contributing factors. Fatigue also contributes to other health risks.

Equality: The United States is the only country in the world that doesn’t have consistent rest rules for flight deck and cabin crews. Since 2014 U.S. pilots have had 10 hours minimum rest. It is concerning that Flight Attendants in the U.S. are not provided the same minimum rest standard of 10 hours. Call the Senate now at 855-534-1774. 
After you make your call, text a flying partner and tell them to call. We need every Flight Attendant to weigh in with their Senators to make our 10 hours rest a reality.More Background:Remember that the House bill, adopted overwhelmingly 393-13, contains our 10 hour irreducible language, the Flags of Convenience Don’t Fly Here language that stops an avenue to outsource our jobs, and many other provisions important to Flight Attendants. The Senate never passed a bill, so individual Senators can weigh in with committee leadership and staff to press for our rest and our jobs. Call the Senate now at 855-534-1774.

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Urgent message regarding schedules!

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URGENT message regarding schedules !!!!!!!

The company was getting reports today about crew members reporting their flights were showing cancelled.

After further review of Flica and it not reflecting the reports of cancellations, it has been determined that the issue lies with the APP FC View that many use.  

PLEASE do not count on this app as a reliable source, especially at this time. This is not a company app, but a vendor providing a service outside of the Company.  Use Flica to look at your correct schedules.
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Hurricane Florence Update: State of SC State of Emergency 091018

Hurricane Florence update:

The Governor of South Carolina has issued mandatory evacuations for coastal areas including Myrtle Beach. Starting tomorrow at 12:00, 4 major highways will be reversed for evacuation.

The hurricane is projected to start making landfall approximately Wednesday afternoon/evening to Thursday, and direct landfall Thursday/Friday.

Many of you will have questions about your schedules and flights cancelling. While it is certain it will make landfall, there still is a chance it may shift a little, so an exact forecast of which inland cities will be affected may not be known until later today or tomorrow (according to the weather channel.)

The airlines will start making their cancellations soon. It is imperative that you monitor your company email concerning updates to operations. The first communication has already been sent earlier today.

If you live in the regions that are in the path of the hurricane, check with your localities for specific directions and instructions for your region.

If there is anything your AFA volunteers can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Lee will personally have her cell on and be available for the entire duration of the event. Diane will be flying but will also be readily available between flights to help. Other reps may be flying at times as well, so please be patient and someone will get back to you.  

Lee Wilkes : (330) 831-5740

Diane Lyons: (856) 308-4003

If you would like to get to base early so you are in place, you may request a hotel following the directions sent in your company email.  It would be best to start making those arrangements today before flights start cancelling and hotel rooms are gone later in the week.

Communications from the Company regarding Hurricane Florence 091018

Communication from the Company regarding potential Irops due to Hurricane Florence. As always, your AFA leaders will be available to assist you as well as help facilitate communications with the Company. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything you need. 

· Air Operations leadership will be monitoring both the forecasted track and intensity of Hurricane Florence to determine the next steps. As we gain relevant information we will pass it along.

· For those of you who may need to return home to secure life and property please coordinate with your Inflight Supervisors and Chief Pilots. We will be assisting each affected crewmember on a case by case basis to ensure they have the needed time off. Based on the current predictions we plan to begin releasing crewmembers tomorrow morning.

· If you request to be released to secure life and property be prepared to coordinate a return to work with your Inflight Supervisor or Chief Pilot. An agreed upon return to work plan will be required prior to being released.

· Crewmembers who request to be removed from flying to protect life and property will be pay protected for guarantee, NOT for flying lost. We will use a NAVL code to indicate this on your schedule.

· In order to ensure that we can release those crewmembers who may be affected by the storm we will operate with the expectation that all other crewmembers who are scheduled will be in position to operate their assigned trips. Unplanned absences by crewmembers compounded with those who will be absent to protect life and property will stress our ability to operate reliably. Please communicate early with your Inflight Supervisor’s or Chief Pilots so we all can coordinate for the best possible outcome.

· Hotel Accommodations – As the storm moves through the eastern seaboard flights will most likely be at high capacity due to probable cancellations and re-accommodation of revenue passengers. Non-rev travel may be difficult. To ease this, we are approving hotels in base this week for crewmembers who are willing and able to preposition into their base for a trip the next day.

· Additionally, if your trip is broken in your domicile we will attempt to secure a hotel room for you.

· Flight Cancellations – Cancellations will be probable but won’t be known for some time. Again, we anticipate high call volume to Scheduling once again as schedule reassignments are processed. As we have done before, if you are part of a crew please coordinate with the Captain as the single point of contact with Crew Scheduling. This will help our Crew Schedulers operate more efficiently.

· Text Notification System – One great way to stay informed is to opt-in to the text notification system. Doing so helps reduce call volume to Crew Scheduling and allows for efficient and timely reassignments.

· Twitter – Also, if you have Twitter following @psaocc is a great way to receive relevant operational updates from OCC, particularly in dynamic weather conditions.

· Deadhead PNR’s can sometimes be problematic during these events with rapidly changing schedules. Please ensure you have checked for your deadhead at least 30 minutes prior to departure, or as soon as reasonably practical if you are on a delayed inbound flight. This process allows us to capture PNR’s that may not be booked correctly and correct the errors before the flight departs and ensure you are able to get to your destinations. Contact Crew Scheduling as soon as you know of a PNR issue.

Contract Negotiations Update

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

We thought we would update you on the Mediation process and what has happened to date.

First and foremost, we have been assigned a mediator for our negotiations. James Mackenzie will be overseeing our talks. Jim joined the National Mediation Board in 2009. Prior to that, Jim was a commercial pilot who retired at Northwest Airlines as an Airbus Captain. He had held a number of positions with ALPA on a local and international level.

The majority of the contract sections have been tentatively agreed to in direct talks.  What remaining are mainly economic items.  Our wages must to go up and we must see better scheduling flexibility to improve our quality of life. In the airline industry we have seen unprecedented profits that are the product of our hard work. We all deserve a career that will pay our bills without worry. We need to see our contributions rewarded and reflected in our paychecks!

We will have our first mediated sessions the week of November 5, 2018 in Dallas.

Thank you for all your support! Continue to wear that RED PIN!

Fly Safe! Take care of each other and remember


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Volunteers needed for Safety Committee

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

 Volunteers needed for Safety Committee


As indicated last week, we will be soliciting for volunteers to fill committee rep positions in all categories, and that will be coming by the end of the week in an eline. However, we became aware today that there will be in upcoming training in October for the ASHSC (Air, Health, and Security Committee), also just known for short as the Safety Committee.

The deadline for us to enroll our selected representatives is July 30, so it is important we solicit this position immediately. All interested candidates need to reply no later than July 27th. This training is only offered one time per year.

Purpose and Scope: This committee shall work with management on matters pertaining to cabin and flight attendant safety and health.

Duties and Responsibilities: Act in an advisory role to the LEC officers on safety matters. Study local air safety and health problems and prepare recommendations to the MEC officers for consideration. Review material, handle correspondence, and keep the local members informed of current safety developments.

Volunteers will need to be in good standing with the Union, and should be in good standing with the Company.

Please reply by email to: with “Safety Position” in the subject line.

Please enclose the following information:

  • Name
  • Time employed by PSA or other airlines
  • Domicile/Base
  • Contact information- Personal email and phone number
  • Why you would be interested in this volunteer position
  • Any relevant experience

We would like to have a minimum of 5 volunteers for this committee. If you have interest in this Committee but may be hesitant, please be assured that you will have training provided.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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