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Negotiations Update!

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
Your AFA Negotiation Committee, Lee Wilkes, Austin Kukral and Alicia Brockers met with PSA management representatives in Dayton the week of January 30, 2017 to begin negotiating your amended Agreement. Your committee was assisted by AFA Staff Negotiator Suzanne Balzer.  Representing PSA management was Matt Kernan, Deb Hoke, Joanne Dinkelacker, and Tony Bralich, F & H Solutions Group.  Also, joining us on the first day was Michael Scrobola.
During this first session we were prepared to discuss the following Sections:
– SECTION 1  Recognition, Scope, Successorship and Mergers
– SECTION 11 Seniority
– SECTION 12 Probation
– SECTION 13 Union Business
– SECTION 14 Agency Shop and Dues Checkoff
– SECTION 15 Grievances
– SECTION 19 Job Vacancy Bid System/Filling of Vacancies
– SECTION 20 Opening and Closing of Domiciles
After discussion we were able to reach Tentative Agreement (TA) on the Sections 1, 12, 13, 15, 19 and 20. We are encouraged by this progress but we still have a great deal of work in ahead.  Using your replies to the survey, we know that there are a number of serious changes that must be addressed in order to be successful.  You may note that none of the Sections listed above have any economic impact.  That is correct; economic issues are always among the last to be settled.  Please know we do not underestimate the importance of these issues and we fully expect these to be among the most difficult to resolve but your committee is dedicated to present to you a total package that places the correct value on the work you do each and every day.
We are scheduled to meet again the week of March 27, 2017. Thank you for your support and encouragement.
Fly safe and take care of each other.
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Urgent! Important DAY Hotel Information!

From Ronnie Lail – Hotel Chair

Urgent DAY Update
If you are scheduled to stay in DAY and the hotel is the Clarion, please call Travel Alliance ASAP. The Clarion is no longer being used for any RON’S or Training. Any question please call/text me 9803332500 Thank you. Fly safe. As always your hotel committee is here for you.
Travel Alliance 9522780543

Potential Weather Delays

From MEC President Lee Wilkes-

Weather Event:

A snowstorm is slated to hit the northeast tomorrow. Affected airports are expected to be BOS, DCA, IAD, LGA, BDL, PVD, and PHL.

The Company has sent a list of these airports with the “potential” flight cancellations and possible RON cancellations. If you are a commuter or have scheduled flights and/or RONs in these cities please plan accordingly.

We will keep you updated if we get any further information. Predicted forecasts are always subject to change, so anticipated cancellations could be reinstated. Please pay attention to your schedules, and for your benefit take a screenshot or print your original pairings now.

Uniform Issues/Reactions

Uniform Issues/Reactions

We are pleased to announce that the Company will finally be putting a “protocol” up to a process for reimbursement on their employee website for those who are having Uniform Reactions. I did speak to them this morning, which was when it was supposed to be put on, however they were having difficulties in adding the expense report link. With that being said, there is now a policy that is streamlined for each employee the same. Until the Company resolves the issue of attaching that one link, please call your inflight supervisor or Megan Jane Hughes for directions.

PSA Crewmember Reliability Program

PSA Crewmember Reliability Program.

#Disclaimer: The following information is for informational purposes only. It is not the position of the Union of agreeing to the policy, but rather to answer questions and concerns many of you have. Another conference call will take place tomorrow between the Company and the Unions, and after that call we will put out an Eline.

Corrective Action- If you were on a level of disciplinary action prior to today, you will drop back one level of discipline action at the lowest level.


If you were on a FWW (Final) you will drop back to 6 points under the WW level.

If you were on a WW(written), you will drop back to 4.5 point under the verbal.

If you were on a VW (Verbal) you will drop back to zero “0” with no action.


Anyone that notices a discrepancy from here on out will have 7 days to notify the Company for investigation and corrections if necessary.

Please review the point values under each classification. Note unauthorized commutes and No shows will carry a hefty penalty.

Improvement Deductions- If an employee works one quarter without any accountable absences, they will gain 1 point. Points however will never drop below zero.

Access to your tracker can be found on the new employee website.

That is really all I can put out until after the Conference call tomorrow. I think that answers the big question of where everyone was starting out under the corrective action part. If you believe that your corrective action plan is inaccurate, please let Lee, Diane, or Terri know. (Privately)

This week at PSA AFA

Union News This Week

Today the officers and the communication chair (Julie Mosteller) conducted a conference call and looked over the finished product of the AFA website. Everything looked great and Julie has done a fabulous job. She just needs to put a few edits to finalize it which she hopes to accomplish over the weekend. The next step will be letting our International Communications person look over it. Once he does that, it will simply be a matter of transferring it to the server. The time it will take will be based upon his availability, but hopefully it will be ready to launch in the next couple weeks. A special thank you to Julie for devoting so much time to this project.

Another conference call took place with the Company regarding the new attendance policy. As of now the Company still plans to launch on February 7th. I still see flaws in the program, which I conveyed today to the Company. They said they will be sending an email to employees clarifying a few points that we brought up.
Once they send the email, I will address any questions you may have. However, we will still continue to bring to the Company’s attention improvements we feel need made to the program.

Another internal conference call was conducted today concerning uniform reactions with the officers, the air health and safety committee, and other members. We hope to have some solid concrete information to publicly put out to you next week. In the meantime, if you are having a reaction and have not yet addressed it, please contact Megan Hughes directly for instructions.

Finally, Negotiations kicked off this week in Dayton. It was a good start and things went well. Communications regarding negotiations will be coming soon.

As always, a special thank you to our committee chairs and committee reps. You and the work you do is what makes our union whole, and the work you all do every day is greatly valued.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and fly safe.

Negotiations Begin Today!

In just a very short while the negotiating team along with our International Contract Negotiator will be sitting at the table with the Company to begin our collective bargaining. Nothing extraordinary will happen over the next few days, it will mostly be presenting of what sections we plan to open and the highlights of what we plan to negotiate in each section. Please keep us in your thoughts the next couple days as we start the negotiating process. – Lee Wilkes, MEC President

Negotiations Opener is Today!

Today is the opening of negotiations between AFA and the company.
Your negotiations committee is ready to address the issues that are important to you.
Show your support and solidarity by wearing your AFA pin.

Some of you who are new to AFA or have never been through a contract negotiation may not understand what an “Opener” is.

Our Sisters and Brothers at United, who recently ratified a new contract, said it best.

-“What is an Opener?
The “Opener” is the initial set of proposals presented by the Union and management at the start of negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement. The Opener may also be referred to as an “opening letter” or simply a “proposal.” It may be detailed or general, but it is intended to put the other side on notice as to the changes being sought to the Contract.”

Your negotiations committee is prepared and looking forward to meeting with the company.