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Update on Domicile Bidding in FLICA

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Update on Domicile Bidding


The company has agreed to extend Domicile bidding until Wednesday, August 16th by noon. It is very important that ALL flight attendants must do this initially for the system transfer. Even if you are not changing bases, EACH and EVERY flight attendant must submit a bid.

We ask that you help spread the word to your flying partners and ask them to do the same to ensure everyone completes their bid. Again, every flight attendant must do this once, even if you are not changing your domicile.



The following email was sent out by the company today:



In order to give you more time to update your domicile (base) preferences in FLICA, the Flight Attendant Domicile Vacancy bid will be extended until Wednesday Aug 16 at 12:00 EDT.

NOTE: Domicile bids can no longer be accepted via the old website. All domicile bids must be submitted via the company website utilizing the FLICA Vacancy bid award program.

All Flight Attendants must update their domiciles preferences in FLICA as any bid previously submitted cannot be transferred to the new system.


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Reminder! Domicile Bid Due Today at 12PM!

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Reminder! Domicile Bid Due Today at 12PM


Today is the last day to submit your Domicile Bid!

ALL employees must complete the bid as announced in your company email on 8/3/17.

Log on to Flica and there is a tab labeled “FA Vacancy Bid”. That is where you submit your Domicile Bid.

Please spread the word to all your flying partners!

Once again, ALL employees must submit a bid. Deadline is today, 8/14/17 at noon!!

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Confirming Safety in CHO

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Dear Flying Partners:

We are in the process of communicating with the Company to ensure the safety of Flight Attendants in CHO. Our crew hotel is approximately an 11 minute drive from the protests and approximately the same amount of time from the airport, which is in the other direction and further away from the protests.

Our first priority is to confirm the safety of crews currently in Charlottesville. Next, we are advocating the company to work with AFA to provide non-punitive alternate options for those who are concerned for their personal safety if scheduled to fly to CHO.

Finally, our Union condemns the violence and terror perpetrated by white supremacists. It is more important than ever that we look out for each other and commit to stand together against hate.

In Solidarity,

Lee and Diane

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8 -10 Day of Action

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

8-10 Day of Action


Today is our 8-10 Online Day of Action. We are encouraging members to tweet and call members of Congress to promote 10 hours minimum rest and to protect our jobs being outsourced through flags of convenience.

Members need only go to this webpage today to take action from their phones:

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Update on Attendance Points Credits

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Update on Attendance Point Credits:


We have received many inquiries about the email that management sent to us regarding the point system reduction and the confusing information that was put out. Rest assured that we are working with AFA legal who has let us know that the policy as the company has stated is not legal. We will keep you updated as we get more information.

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AFA Email to PSA President Dion Flannery on Attendance Policy Updates – Perfect Attendance

The following email was sent yesterday to the President of PSA Airlines-

Dear Mr. Flannery,

I’m writing to you in regards to a statement you made to me at the most recent town hall meeting. You stated, on record that if there were issues happening within our work group that were not being resolved, I should bring them to your attention.

In case you are unaware, AFA has an active grievance filed challenging the current PSA attendance policy, aka Crew Member Reliability Program.

On July 1st, crew members that had perfect attendance for the second quarter were due a one (1) point credit to their record. It did not happen. AFA then notified the Inflight department to let them know. We were promised an email explaining why this didn’t happen and when it would be resolved. That email never came. On July 24 a mass email was sent to all employees stating the Company was working on a resolution. As of today, August 7th, 2017 more than one month later, Flight Attendants that meet the criteria and are entitled to the one point credit, are still waiting for management to take action. I am myself on the affected list.

To add insult to injury, the company email went on to say that the company would be manually generating emails or letters for employees whose point levels warrant corrective action. With all due respect, if the Company has time to manually impose discipline, then they should also have time to manually adjust records to reflect a credit to those Flight Attendants who have earned it.

In addition, management’s action in delaying the application of the credited point has resulted in a number of unnecessary meetings to discuss attendance issues that don’t exist. AFA has worked overtime and stepped in to try and resolve issues related to attendance prior to the scheduling of an actual meeting. And while AFA always stands ready to advocate for our members, you have created an undue administrative burden. Time spent correcting Company induced attendance related issues have, quite frankly been going on since the inception of your policy. This is a needless waste of both Company and Union resources; time that could be better spent in improving the workplace experience of the hard working and dedicated first responders of PSA.

Mr. Flannery, it has been 38 days that the flight attendants have been waiting for what was promised them, and we will not be patient any longer. We demand that this be immediately rectified, or we will take any and all action necessary to protect our members.
We expect a prompt response to this most important issue.


Lee Wilkes
AFA PSA MEC President

Uniform Reactions – No Discipline Sick Time

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Uniform Reactions – No Discipline Sick Time


There has been concern expressed about uniform reaction-related sick time leading to discipline at PSA and other American Eagle carriers. We coordinated our questions and concerns with the AFA leaders at our sister airlines Envoy and Piedmont. Together with our AFA International Officers, we decided to address this issue with one voice through our AFA Legal Department.


We are happy to report that following advocacy by our AFA General Counsel for AFA members at PSA, Piedmont and Envoy, PSA management responded affirming the following:

“PSA has concluded that it will implement a similar set of guidelines that are intended to be consistent with American Airlines’ guidelines as follows:

For medical absences related to the Twin Hill uniforms occurring on or after June 15, 2017, sick time will be considered excused absences and no discipline will be imposed provided: 

1.An On-the-Job injury report is completed in accordance with current Company policy

2.The event is reported to the Inflight Supervisor Arrangements have been made for an alternative uniform to be worn

For medical absences related to the Twin Hill uniforms occurring prior to June 15, 2017, sick time will be considered excused absences and no discipline will be imposed provided: 

1.An On-the-Job injury report was filed within a week of the adverse uniform reaction, or

2.The flight attendant reported to the Company at the time of the absence that the absence was due to an adverse reaction to the Twin Hill uniform.

Sick time will not be considered as an excused absence and discipline may be issued as applicable under the Crewmember Reliability program if: 

1.An On-the-Job injury report is not completed in accordance with Company policy

2.The event is not reported to the Inflight Supervisor

3.Arrangements have not been made for an alternative uniform to be worn

Note: PSA’s automated Reliability Tracking Tool will continue to assess points for any sick call; however points assessed for a sick call later determined to be due to a reported uniform reaction will be considered null and void in consideration of any progressive discipline under the Crewmember Reliability Program.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the above or would like to further discuss.


In Solidarity,

Your MEC Officers, Lee Wilkes and Diane Lyons

Change in HR and Administrative Duties

Change in HR and administrative Duties –

Brent Brandon will no longer be handling FMLA and MLOA leaves. His new position is not yet clear, but we will pass along as soon as we hear from the Company. He is most likely moving to an employee relations roles.

Karen Shoyer is no longer with the Company. The following email is who all leaves should be handle through. Jamie King also will now handle FMLA, but it was left out of the email.

As previously mentioned, Brent Brandon is no longer handling Medical and Workers Compensation Leave Administration. This function has been transferred to Jamie King with PSA HR.

Medical Leave

When a flight attendant requests and is granted a medical leave of absence:

1. FAs should submit the written request and satisfactory medical documentation to their supervisor in accordance with Section 8B of the CBA.

2. The supervisor will forward the medical documentation to Jamie King for review, the Inflight Manager and Jamie will process approval or notify FA of denial. If approved, Jamie and Inflight Supervisor will coordinate the paperwork processing of the medical leave as applicable;

3. Thereafter, once a medical leave is approved, questions about the leave should be directed to Jamie.

Workers Compensation Leave

When a flight attendant becomes injured or ill on the job:

1. If the injury or illness permits, the FA should contact crew scheduling to report an absence, if applicable in accordance with Section 8D of the CBA.

2. FAs should contact their supervisors to report the injury, go to the PSA website and complete the appropriate OJI report within 24 hours of the injury/illness. If assistance is needed, the FA should contact their supervisor;

3. Thereafter, once a OJI leave is approved, questions about the OJI leave, should be directed to Brenda O’donnell (brenda.o’ with the SSO.

4. The paperwork processing of the OJI leave and PAN submission/RTW will be handled by Jamie King

Jamie King’s office is at HQ in Dayton.

(937) 665.2723

Brenda O’donnell is with the Shared Services Organization (SSO). Her office is located in Middletown, PA.



Other Leaves:

Personal Leave

When a flight attendant requests a personal leave:

1. The FA must submit the request in writing to their supervisor in accordance with Section 8A of the CBA. The request will be reviewed for approval consideration.

Military Leave

2. Military leave will be granted in accordance with applicable law. Re: Section 8F of the CBA

Uniform Wear Issues/Information

Uniform Wear Issues/Information

Good Afternoon everyone!

Are you having issues with your uniform? Are you not sure if you are? Do you have questions that AFA might have an answer to? Let us help you!

See also: Uniform Dos and Don’ts

Our numbers keep growing with uniform reactions daily! With the heat starting to rise more people will start having reactions. Here are some Do and Dont’s that are attached. Please remember AFA is suggesting that everyone gets into a safer uniform. The chemicals that were found in the American Uniforms have short term and long term effects on your body. You can find the list of chemicals on the AFA website. Remember even if you are NOT having a problem with the uniform your line partner might be.

Please help us help you by reporting to AFA by completing the online questionnaire at:

This questionnaire was made for Flight Attendants to start reporting to AFA. All three regionals (Piedmont, Envoy and PSA) are using this. Please take the five minutes to complete it!

Also here is the link to the AFA website:

This website has all current information and quidance on what is going on. Remember these uniforms can have short term or long term effect on your body.

A university research group is doing some testing on the garments for FREE and another university group may join that effort. We are collecting any unopened uniforms that are still in the plastic to send. Please contact Megan Hughes for details.

Please contact your local support for guidance and help! No question is a stupid question so give us a call, text or email. We do ask for you to contact us 9am- 9pm due to the fact that we fly too!

Megan Hughes

Colleen Caffrey

Mary Barnes

We can help guide you through the company policy on how to get changed over to a safer option for you. Attached is the company policy and how to contact them to let them know you are effected. If the company tells you to order the Aramark uniforms please order them but DO NOT wear them until the company does testing with AFA. The Aramark uniforms are expected to arrive in September for the Regionals. If you get them sooner please let AFA know. We want to make sure everyone is in safe uniforms and is looking good!

We also have a “Open Closet” that is in CLT. AFA has been collecting any LUS (Legacy US) Blue Uniforms. If you need pieces to complete a compliant uniform or if you have any to donate please contact us! You can contact Colleen, Mary, or Megan And we will try to coordinate and find the right size for you.

Remember this is about your health and Safety! You could be having a internal or external reaction. Your health has to come first!