Local Executive Council – President

Grievance and Complaints

  • Is responsible for the expeditious processing of complaints and grievances of the Local Council’s members, upholding the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and promoting the Flight Attendants’ interests locally in whatever way possible with local management.


  • Is responsible for establishing and implementing timely communication strategies for the Local Council. This includes printed newsletters, electronic bulletins, telephone trees, bulletin boards and crew room sits to name a few.
  • Is responsible for ensuring communication strategies at various levels with-in the union including among officers, committees, and other labor groups on the property.
  • Is responsible for ensuring communication protocols are established with management counter-parts.

AFA-CWA Committees

  • Is responsible for establishing and overseeing local council committees charged with specific duties and direction to assist in the work of the local council and promote the welfare of the Flight Attendants.


  • Is responsible for calling and chairing meetings of the Local Council (membership) and Local Executive Council (LEC officer meeting), per the AFA- CWA Constitution and Bylaws.


  • Is responsible for the ethical and fiduciary oversight of the members’ dues dollars and how funds are spent.
  • It is expected that LEC Presidents will conduct their representational duties within the boundaries of their budgets.


  • Shall remain contactable and responsive to communications from members, representatives and other Officers of the Union.
  • Is responsible for implementing, administering and explaining the policies set forth at all levels within AFA-CWA (LEC, MEC, BOD and EXBOD).
  • Keep your other officers apprised of your schedule and meetings you hold with management as well as meetings you attend in AFA.
  • You should give reports to your team after every meeting.
  • You should also communicate all of this in a more generalized form to the membership who elected you. Do not hoard important or interesting information.
  • Is encouraged to consult with and take into account the opinions and thoughts of the other Local Council Officers.
  • It is expected that the LEC President will exercise judgement in the best of interest of the members.
  • Is required to vote on any Sideletter, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Letter of Agreement (LOA) that amends the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. Alternatively, such Sideletters, MOUs and LOAs may be sent to the membership for ratification by vote of the MEC and in accordance with the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Is responsible for maintaining the union’s files and property and transferring to their successor(s).

Setting Union Policy

  • Is a member of the AFA-CWA Board of Directors (BOD) and represents the Local Council membership at the yearly BOD meeting.
  • At multi-council airlines, is a member of the Master Executive Council (MEC) of that airline and represents the Local Council membership at those meetings.
  • Is a CWA Convention Delegate (#1)