Volunteer for a Committee

Commitment to Serve

I recognize that in volunteering for AFA – CWA, I commit to the highest ideals of the union, it’s ethical practices and the AFA – CWA Constitution and Bylaws; its’ policies and my collective bargaining agreement. I am eligible and
committed to serve in the position I have agreed to fill.

Furthermore by submitting the form, I also understand and agree to the following conditions:

  1. All Committees will act as liaisons between the membership, the appropriate representational body (LEC or MEC) and the Company and will assess the needs and priorities of the members, industry standards and trends on an ongoing basis.
  2. The Committees will support LEC/MEC policies and positions when dealing with the Company. Committee members are a resource for members and are not authorized to make any decisions without first consulting with the Chair of the Committee. No Committee can make or amend policy or contract language. Any recommendations for change, requests for budget approval and committee requests shall be made through the Committee Chairperson to the designated AFA Officer for consideration prior to action by the committee.
  3. Committee members will maintain good standing with the union as well as the Company.
  4. All Committees shall report to the designated Officer on any discussions with the Company. Proposals from the Company must be submitted through the Committee Chair to the designated AFA Officer as soon as possible to ensure the leadership is aware of the proposal and can take appropriate action.
  5. Committee Chairs will keep the membership and the MEC updated about their work. All communication to members will be approved by the appropriate designated officer having oversight of the committee prior to distribution.
  6. Committees may be asked to work together on a specific project or as needed.
  7. Committee Chairs will provide regular reports of work to the designated AFA Officer overseeing the committee a least twice a year. Such reports shall be in writing and will contain the goals of the committee for the next six months.
  8. Any equipment, supplies, reports, etc. that are provided to me in my role as an AFA-CWA volunteer are the property of AFA-CWA. I will turn over all such equipment, supplies, reports and information to the designated AFA Officer as soon as possible, but in no case more than 30 days after leaving my volunteer position.
  9. I agree that the Association of Flight Attendants may open a union – provided email address for me in my capacity as an AFA volunteer. I agree to review and respond to said email on a regular basis (ideally daily, but in no event less than weekly). The e-mail and/or passwords will be automatically by eliminated or reset upon my stepping down as from my volunteer position.
  10. I agree to follow the AFA-CWA Social Media Policy. I recognize that when posting on social media, I am representing AFA-CWA, even when posting on a personal page. I will at all times support my Union on social media.
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