Our Contract

Side Letters & Letters of Agreement

The AFA constitution & bylaws grants the Master Executive Council (MEC) the authority to enter into letters of agreement (LOAs) with management to supplement contractual language and provide additional guidance surrounding matters that were either not foreseen or could not be anticipated during contract negations. LOAs have the full force of contractual language.

Trade Floor Drop

  • Trade Floor Lowered to 40 Hours for the following bid periods:
    • January 2024
    • February 2024

Enhanced Personal Leave of Absence Program

  • Allowed for 1 – 3 month enhanced leaves of absence (EXPIRED)
  • Those on ELA will be credited with 75 of FML credit for the purpose of FMLA eligibility
  • Temporary trade floor lowering (EXPIRED)

DFW Base Updates Letter of Agreement

  • Modification to CBA that certain times are EASTERN

Flexible Hiring Rates & Retention Bonus

  • Flexible Hiring Rates
  • Retention Bonuses (EXPIRED)
  • Commuter Hotels
    • Reduces range from 100 miles to 50 miles
    • Establishes Commuter Hotel 

2022 Quality of Life Enhancements

  • Holiday/Critical Coverage Pay
    • The Company may increase the rate in its sole discretion.
  • Accelerated Pay
    • A Flight Attendant who is awarded a premium pay trip under Section 8.I.3 will be paid a minimum of one and one-half (1.5) times her/his hourly rate for hours flown, and such time will be paid in addition to her/his minimum monthly guarantee. The Company may, by its sole discretion increase the rate of pay, e.g. accelerated pay, for a premium trip(s)..
  • Golden Days
    • A Reserve Flight Attendant may request up to six (6) Golden Days per bid period.
    • A Reserve Flight Attendant who has a day(s) off moved by the Company will be paid in accordance with Section 3.R if such day(s) are not restored in the current bid month. If the Company restores such day(s) within the current bid month, the Reserve Flight Attendant will receive Accelerated Pay under Section 3.R.

2022 Summer Reliability Rewards Program (CONCLUDED)

2020 Voluntary Short-Term Leaves of Absence FMLA Credit 

Memorandums of Understanding

Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) provide clarification to the intent and interpretation of existing contractual language. They are binding agreements with management and are fully enforceable.

Special Voluntary Early Out Program (EXPIRED)

Temporary Reinterpretation of Swap/Trading Floor (EXPIRED)

Special Short Term Leave of Absence (EXPIRED)