Master Executive Council – President

Duties and Responsibilities
It is recommended that a candidate for MEC President have experience in negotiations and have knowledge of contractual language, enforcement of such language, grievance processing and union administration. The MEC President should have served in local office, preferably as LEC President and have experience working on behalf of the local Flight Attendant membership.

The MEC President is the Union counterpart to the chief decision maker-corporate officers within the airline. The MEC President shall be responsible for carrying out the labor relations for the Union through meetings with the CEO or decision maker within the corporation. Unlike in a typical business model, our Union is a member driven organization. Under our model, the members views are expressed through their elected Local Council Presidents to the MEC President. These views guide our position. The MEC President then represents this position in discussions with the CEO or other members of management.

The MEC President is responsible for balancing and prioritizing the needs of the MEC and its committees, overseeing the budget, moderating debate within the MEC, and assisting with assignment of volunteers at the MEC level to best represent the needs of the membership. The MEC President should remain politically neutral. They may advise Local Council Presidents on Local matters, but should not be involved in Local politics.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  • To serve the MEC as its official spokesperson with the company management, to the members, the public and the media.
  • To oversee and ensure regular communications with the membership.
  • To oversee the appointment or election of MEC committees.
  • To present all Sideletters, Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and Letters of Agreement (LOA) that amend the collective bargaining agreement for ratification. Normally such ratification shall be by Master Executive Council vote only. Once ratified, such sideletters, MOUs or LOAs must be signed by the International President. All amendments to the agreement should be published in some format to the membership.
  • To act as representative of the carrier on AFA’s Executive Board. As such the MEC President must communicate actions and information from the Executive Board to the MEC in a timely manner.
  • To confer with and offer advice to the MEC members on business of the MEC.
  • Consult with and be assisted by the other MEC Officers.
  • To follow the directions of the MEC regarding all decisions and policies set by the MEC.
  • To chair all meetings of the MEC. 
  • To carry out any and all duties of the MEC President further described within AFA’s Constitution & By-Laws.
  • To attend the Board of Directors meeting as an ex-officio member.