Committees are an integral component of how AFA operates. They directly engage our membership and provide an opportunity for members to help members. It also gives them an opportunity to learn, grow and build their own skills in support of subjects they feel passionately about.

Why do we have committees?

  • The officers can’t, nor should, do all of the union work themselves “Many hands make for light work.”
  • Local committees involve our members in improving their career.
  • Flight Attendants have specific talents and passions that should
    be utilized.
  • Specialization in all aspects of our career makes AFA-CWA the
    best union possible.
  • When issues arise, members can go to the committee handling the issue, thus spreading the network of responsibility and communication.

Members of AFA Committees serve in three primary roles.

  • An Expert.  Serve as the subject matter expert on the committee’s primary area of responsibility

  • A Resource.  Act as a resource about their area of expertise and work to actively educate and empower Members

  • A Voice.  Work as a liaison between Members and the Local Executive Council, Master Executive Council, and management involving matters related to the committee

Our Committees