Did you know our contract does?

The next few examples are some key and/or overlooked benefits that our contract has. 

Did you know our contract does?

Vacations – Section 5.G

“If a Flight Attendant on vacation is hospitalized because of a medical emergency, s/he may elect to charge the period of hospitalization to sick leave rather than vacation. The Company may require written confirmation of the medical emergency from the attending physician or hospital. If a Flight Attendant converts vacation to sick leave pursuant to this paragraph and no open vacation periods are available for the remainder of the calendar year for the Flight Attendant to take her/his vacation, s/he may elect from one of the following two options:
1. Receive compensation for the vacation period; or
2. Defer the vacation until the following year.”

Training Hotel For Commuter – Section 6.B.4

“A Flight Attendant whose status with the Company is listed as a Commuter, who commutes to FAA-mandated annual recurrent training in his/her domicile, will be provided up to two (2) nights of Company paid lodging during training. For the purpose of this paragraph, a Commuter is defined as someone who resides one hundred (100) fifty 50 miles or more from the airport serving his/her domicile and who is designated as a Commuter with the Company. Flight Attendants will be required to register as a Commuter with the company, and proof of residence may be required. Any change in address for a Flight Attendant registered as a commuter must be communicated to the company within 30 days of
said change.
Hotel accommodations must be requested through the company approved method the month prior to training between 1700 on the 21st of the month, and are due by 1200 on the 23rd of the month.
Once hotel accommodations are secured, it is the Flight Attendant’s responsibility to notify the Scheduling Supervisor via email no later than 24 hours prior to the training event when the room is no longer needed.”

This provision only applies if training is conducted in base.  For currently this language only applies to CLT based Flight Attendants.  Reflects current Letter of Agreement language.

Release Times – Section 7.C.5

“Normal release from duty for rest will be fifteen (15) minutes after block-in from a domestic trip or when the Flight Attendant is released by Crew
Scheduling, whichever is later. For international flights, release from duty will be thirty (30) minutes after block-in or when the Flight Attendant is released by Crew Scheduling, whichever is later.”

Release time after a domestic flight is 15 minutes.  For anything international release time is 30 minutes.  This only applies if it is the last flight of the day or pairing.  

Uniform Cleaning Expenses – Section 11.D

“A Flight Attendant who has completed twelve (12) months of service with the Company will be credited with five hundred dollars ($500.00) every twelve (12) months as a replacement and cleaning allowance. A Flight Attendant’s uniform account may not exceed eight hundred dollars ($800.00).”

Will reimburse for uniform dry cleaning expenses. Just submit the expense in Workday.

Life Insurance – Section 25.A

“The Company will provide at no cost to the Flight Attendant life insurance coverage for Flight Attendants in an amount equal to 1.5 times the Flight Attendant’s annual salary, (rounded to the nearest $500), up to a maximum of $50,000”

We automatically get up to $50,000 of life insurance at no cost.  You can designate your beneficiaries in Workday.