Past Contract Successes and Gains

From the 2019 Contract (Blue Book) - CURRENT

  • Addition of Trip Guarantee Language
  • Minimum Day Pay
  • Ready Reserve Pay
  • CDO Pay
  • Expansion of Holidays to include Memorial Day and July 4th
  • Addition of 5th week of Vacation
  • Training Hotel for Commuter
  • Enhancement of Golden Days – with an additional Letter of Agreement to expand from 4 days to 6
  • Ability to trade for same, less or greater days
  • 2 Hour Short Call reserve call out
  • Establishment of bucket system for reserve
  • Establishment of reserve assignment transparency
  • Automatic roll over of personal days

From the 2012 Contract (Green Book)

  • Holiday/Critical Coverage Pay – Thanksgiving, Christmas Day were the only Holidays
  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing of $10 when at the end of a trip
  • Value of vacation week increased from 18 to 21 hours
  • Creation of the Long and Short Call Reserve System
  • Improvements to Ready (HOT) Reserve – capping at 8 hours and number of consecutive days
  • Creation of Golden Days
  • The ability to trade down to 60 hours 
  • Improved EAP & Professional Standards Language
  • If an International flight is the last of the day or trip, release time extended to 30 minutes
  • Improved International per diem of $5.00 per calendar day
  • Establishment of Alternative Deadhead Procedures
  • Allowing Personal Days to be rolled over if denied
  • No longer having to perform the security search, unless diversion requires it
  • Establishing a cap on Health Insurance cost sharing and a me-too language

From the 2002 Contract (White and Blue Book)​