Air Safety, Health,and Security

What does the Flight Attendant ASHS Committee do?

      • The Air Safety, Health, & Security Committee (ASHS) works with the company on matters related to cabin and Flight Attendant safety, health, and security.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities of Local Reps

      • Acts in an advisory role to the Officers on safety matters
      • Studies local air safety and health problems and prepares recommendations to be presented to the Officers for consideration
      • Reviews material, handles correspondence, and keeps the local members well informed of current safety developments. Provides information to the Communications Committee for inclusion in communications.
      • Prepares recommendations to be presented to the Officers and MEC Chair for review and consideration.

Why Would I Contact This Committee?

The ASHS is available to help you with:

      • Concerns or reports of safety, health, or security hazards on board the aircraft and in other work locations
      • Situations involving Death on board, Bio-Hazard, BBP, and Diversions
      • Add any questions or concerns on Section 22 in the CBA

Air Quality

    • What To Do If You Think You’ve Been Exposed To Contaminated Ventilation Air
    • Being prepared and knowing what to do if fumes are coming from the air supply vents (an oil or hydraulic fume event) can help you and your crew get the help you need as quickly as possible.  Here’s what to do if you encounter fumes (unusual odors) with or without smoke/haze: