Crew Pay Committee

To help Flight Attendants to interpret and understand the compensation portion of the contract and serve as a liaison between Crew Pay and Flight Attendants.

Contacting the Committee

Contact your local officers for assistance.

Hotline: 844-423-2232

Common Terms and Definitions

Here are some common terms and definitions when it comes to our pay:

Duty Time – 2.L

All time (including deadhead) that a Flight Attendant is on duty, commencing when the Flight Attendant reports for duty as directed by the Company, and ending fifteen (15) minutes (30 minutes for an international flight) after the Flight Attendant’s release from duty.

Flight/Block Time – 2.N

The time from the moment the aircraft first moves from the ramp blocks under its own power for the purpose of flight, until it comes to a full stop at either an intermediate stop or a final destination.

Junior Assignment – 2.R

As directed by the company, any flying assigned to a Flight Attendant on a day off.

Trip Add – 2.BB

A trip(s) added to a lineholder or a reserve schedule from open time.

Trip Swap – 2.CC

The swapping of trips with open time.

Trip Trade – 2.DD

The trading for other trip(s) or for days off between a lineholder or build up Flight Attendant

Monthly Guarantee – 3.C

A Flight Attendant available for flight duty for a month will be paid a guarantee of seventy-five (75) hours at the applicable rate. When a Flight Attendant is not available for flight duty for any portion of a month, the monthly guarantee will be

Negative Trip Trades

Is when you trade below guarantee and because you were paid for guarantee, now you have to pay the company back the difference.

Value of the Day (VOD)

Is calculated by taking the monthly guarantee and dividing it by the number of awarded working days.

About our Committee

Specific Duties and Responsibilities
    • Work to actively educate Flight Attendants regarding the compensation section of the contract
    • Assist Flight Attendants regarding questions and interpretation of the CBA in accordance with guidelines set by the LEC and MEC.
    • Investigate and respond to Flight Attendant concerns regarding paycheck and Crew Pay compliance with contract language.
    • Gather information and work with management to satisfactorily resolve each issue.
    • Communicate any unresolved issues and/or potential contract violations to the Grievance Committee on members’ behalf
    • Refer pay issues to the Local Scheduling Committee for follow-up and resolution