Government Affairs

Among AFA-CWA’s most important responsibilities is the advancement of issues important to flight attendants on Capitol Hill.

The aviation industry is highly regulated and what happens in the halls of government directly impacts our work environment.

Your Government Affairs Department is your voice on Capitol Hill.  The relationships that have been cultivated with Congress enable our Union to promote our agenda.  Therefore, it is our responsibility as your Union to be involved on your behalf in the political and legislative arenas.  Our collective voice must be heard.

Contacting the Committee


About our Committee

Purpose and Scope:
To monitor and pursue legislative activities that relate to the AFA-CWA political agenda, and to build positive relationship with your elected officials.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Make suggestions on initiatives that could be pursued in legislative affairs and political matters at the local level to the LEC. All problems/issues shall be discussed with the LEC president and MEC chair for coordination at the airline level, or for processing at the AFA-CWA International level.
  • Schedule meetings with local elected officials and key staff.
  • Act on and follow through on directives as established in the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws, Policy Manual, and FlightPAC.
  • Act on recommendations of the AFA-CWA Director of Government Affairs and AFA-CWA Legislative Policy Committee.
  • Offer timely communications/reports to the LEC regarding status of local activities.
  • Review material, handle correspondence, and keep local council members well informed of current legislative developments through existing local council publications and reports at local council meetings.