Member Services Committee

To assist the Local Council officers by keeping accurate membership addresses and phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other record information.

Contacting the Committee

MECLiz SagravesMEC-Secretary937-470-7170[email protected]DAY
C57-DAY/PHLJohn GenoveseLEC-Secretary302-803-6143[email protected]PHL
C75-CLT/DFWValerie AndrewsLEC-Secretary571-309-5231[email protected]CLT
AFA-CWA International Member Services:  844-232-2228 Ext. 3

About our Committee

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Keep name and address/ phone number and e-mail lists current.
  • Keep records up to date regarding leaves, terminations, and transfers to management or other departments, base transfers, etc. This information should be given to the Local Council officers as well as the International office/Membership Dept. in Washington, DC.
  • Enlist new members through a program of active outreach.
  • Contact all new Flight Attendants and explain apprentice membership and the union in general.
  • Be able to answer member questions regarding dues and arrears standings.


  • Committee members are responsible for coordinating with the LEC chair on any updated member information.
  • The LEC chair shall report all updates to the LEC officers, the MEC chair and the AFA-CWA Membership Dept in DC.
  • The committee will act as liaison between the membership and the LEC officers.
  • Any files or other data must be turned over to the LEC officers when a committee member departs the committee.
  • The committee shall not make a policy which conflicts with LEC or AFA-CWA policy.
  • Recommendations for change shall be presented to the LEC officers in writing.

Dues Information

  • Dues are owed each month you are active or the first 3 months of an unpaid leave of absence.
  • If your dues are not deducted in full for each month you will be invoiced for the difference.
  • The deductions that occur from your 5th and 20th paychecks each month apply to the month they are deducted.  Example: You received an invoice for September $50, this means that you did not have deductions from your 9-5 & 9-20 paychecks.
  • AFA does not deduct your dues, this is done by your payroll department.
  • Payments can be made online:
  • If you have a question about your dues:

Example: If you receive an invoice that states you owe dues for April, you will need to review your April 5th and 20th paycheck to verify if dues were deducted.