Purpose and Scope

The Scheduling Committee makes sure that the company follows all contractual obligations that are outlined in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Specific Duties and Responsibilities
    • Makes sure that all pairings constructed by Crew Planning are legal.
    • Works with Crew Planning on line construction on a monthly basis.
    • Provides help and assistant to Flight Attendants who think that their CBA has been broken.
    • Discuss any scheduling problems or concerns with management
    • Files Complaint Resolution Forms (CRF) are filed in a timely manner for all contractual violations
    • Makes sure that Non-Notification of Delay (NND) brought to the Committee’s attention are filed bimonthly.
    • Moves all denied CRF and NND to Grievance should it warrant one being filed.
    • Scheduling questions regarding possible contractual violations