Scheduling Committee

This committee may be composed of members with knowledge of the contract, FARs, flight time/duty time/crew rest/guidelines.  Recommend and assist where possible in building sequences of trips and days off into monthly lines.  The Scheduling Committee makes sure that the company follows all contractual obligations that are outlined in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Contacting the Committee

Hotline: 844-423-2232 Ext 700
MECLee WilkesMEC-Chair330-831-5740[email protected]DCA
MECSean GriffinMEC-Chair980-288-4695[email protected]CLT
C75-CLT/DFWRobin CoombsRepresentative937-608-8591[email protected]CLT

About our Committee

Specific Duties and Responsibilities
    • Be familiar with provisions in the contract dealing with legalities and scheduling.
    • Discuss any scheduling problems with management.
    • Monitor to ensure that established rules and procedures are complied with and that the agreement is not violated.
    • Inform the MEC of any suggestions for improvements.
    • Establish history of schedules, save monthly schedules, bid awards, staffing numbers, monthly total hours, reserve ratios, thus building documentation for grievances.
    • Conduct monthly staffing meeting with management representative to determine base staffing and the amount of time to be built into lines.
    • Communicate monthly with LEC officers and Flight Attendants.
    • Post current staffing information and scheduling information to members.
    • Keep a record of comments and concerns of the Flight Attendants in order to be responsive to membership desires.
    • Advocate for good pairings based on membership priorities.
    • Request feedback on flights where service, staffing or time prevents Flight Attendants from maintaining acceptable standards of performance.
    • Compile the feedback and relay it to the MEC.