Negotiations Opener is Today!

Today is the opening of negotiations between AFA and the company.
Your negotiations committee is ready to address the issues that are important to you.
Show your support and solidarity by wearing your AFA pin.

Some of you who are new to AFA or have never been through a contract negotiation may not understand what an “Opener” is.

Our Sisters and Brothers at United, who recently ratified a new contract, said it best.

-“What is an Opener?
The “Opener” is the initial set of proposals presented by the Union and management at the start of negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement. The Opener may also be referred to as an “opening letter” or simply a “proposal.” It may be detailed or general, but it is intended to put the other side on notice as to the changes being sought to the Contract.”

Your negotiations committee is prepared and looking forward to meeting with the company.

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