New Attendance Policy -Grievance Filed!

From MEC President, Lee Wilkes.

Today the Union filed an MEC grievance in regards to the attendance policy. As of yesterday I was informed by the Company that days incurred last year are not eligible to reduce point values In the current system and the only days eligible to fall off of one’s attendance record will not begin until February 7, 2018. This is contrary to the policy as written, and therefore I have filed the grievance. We will be seeking information from affected flight attendants that may have had a “clean” record in the upcoming months from days falling off, but due to this new information will not have a reduction in discipline. We will send out an Eline in the coming days with more information. I do encourage everyone to please sign up to the AFA website ( as we will be moving away from Facebook in the near future and referring all important information to the website.