Special Projects Ideas!

Since Diane Lyons and myself have been in office, we have consistently each month operated the MEC/LEC under budget. Being fiscally responsible has allowed the council to do several things for the membership such as sending an EAP rep to advanced training, upcoming crew room sits by the air health and safety committee, more scheduling committee meetings, gearing up the government Affairs committee for the fight for 10, etc., all while being engaged in negotiations. While we continue to monitor the needs of the membership and committees evolving the growth of our airline, we’d like to extend the opportunity to give us your input on a project or committee work you would like to see happen.

Examples would be:
Educational sits by the scheduling committee, grievance committee, air health and safety , etc. or a special project by any committee.

Things not to ask for because it doesn’t pertain- anything involving a complaint about company issue that is geared towards negotiations. We’re asking if you’d like to see a special project from a certain committee that we are not thinking of, that would be beneficial to the membership.

Send us your ideas and we’ll see what you come up with !