Irregular OPS on 01/17/18

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Irregular Operations on 1/17/2018


Dear Flying Partners,

The unacceptable break down in operations resulting from the weather event last night are inexcusable. AFA will be filing an MEC grievance on every section of the Collective Bargaining agreement that was violated. As we talked to several flight attendants throughout the evening and early morning hours, we have no way to know how many people were negatively impacted.  Please send me your information as soon as possible, with a deadline of January 23, 2018.
If you were on duty beyond 15 hours without being released, waited beyond 3 hours for a hotel, had unacceptable hotel conditions, were hung up on from scheduling, had a hotel with no transportation, paid for a hotel on your own, paid for transportation on your own, or any other unusual circumstance, please let me know immediately so we can file a grievance that includes every person affected.  The Company was ill prepared and poorly staffed, and needs to be held accountable at every level.  What happened last night should NEVER happen again.


In Solidarity,

Lee Wilkes

AFA PSA MEC President


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