Alternative Uniform Procedures

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Alternative Uniform Procedures

We want to ensure our members are informed on current Alternative Uniform procedures.  Please ensure that you have followed all of the correct steps if you are or need to convert to an Alternative Uniform.

1. Fill our a workers Comp form on the PSA website. This must be done each and every time you have a revery reaction eaction. This protects you if you have to miss work due to a reaction. If you do not fill out the form for every reaction or flare up due to the uniform, attendance points will not be corrected. We can not stress enough the importance of this step.

2. Notify your inflight supervisor letting them know you will be switching to an alternate Uniform. Do this by emailing DL_PSA_FAUNIFORMS@PSAAIRLINES.COM and also send an email to your inflight supervisor as well.  Include:


  • Name
  • Employee Number
  • Indicate which option you are choosing to wear
  • Indicate what issues you are having relative to the Uniform-symptoms, etc…and which pieces that is causing the reaction (if known)
  • If you have wool allergies
  • Have you seen a doctor in regard to the issue
  • If so, include the doctor note


Once you have completed this, also send an email to the Union by notifying:
Sean Griffin

(980) 354-1231

Lee Wilkes

(330) 831-5740

Diane Lyons

(856) 308-4003

You can accomplish this by sending one email and CC-ing the other two persons in. This will allow us to keep our own records for the Union. Once you email us, Sean will direct you to fill out a survey for the Union.
When selecting your Alternate Uniform, you have 4 options:
  1. Wear old blue uniform
  2. Purchase “like” gray items
  3. Order Non-Wool from Twin Hill if it is a known wool allergy
  4. Order the Aramark Gray Items
Please visit the PSA website for more detailed Information.
  • Inflight Services and Training
  • Uniforms
There are 3 tabs of information here including Alternative Uniforms and Forms, Uniform Option Procedure, and Uniform Reimbursement. Please make sure you read all Information. You can also use the quick links tab to get to the uniform tabs as well.
If you are purchasing like gray items,, the Company will reimburse you for a complete Uniform complement, at the Company’s expense, minus a coat. The coat however can be reimbursed through your uniform balance. The Uniform reimbursement form can also be found on the PSA website.
Scarves: If in an alternate, you can either wear your training scarf, or purchase a look alike alternate.
As a reminder, you can not mix and match Uniforms. For example, if you are wearing an alternative unifrom, do not wear the Twin Hill scarf with it.
We hope this information was helpful.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need something clarified.
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