AFA Email to PSA President Dion Flannery on Attendance Policy Updates – Perfect Attendance

The following email was sent yesterday to the President of PSA Airlines-

Dear Mr. Flannery,

I’m writing to you in regards to a statement you made to me at the most recent town hall meeting. You stated, on record that if there were issues happening within our work group that were not being resolved, I should bring them to your attention.

In case you are unaware, AFA has an active grievance filed challenging the current PSA attendance policy, aka Crew Member Reliability Program.

On July 1st, crew members that had perfect attendance for the second quarter were due a one (1) point credit to their record. It did not happen. AFA then notified the Inflight department to let them know. We were promised an email explaining why this didn’t happen and when it would be resolved. That email never came. On July 24 a mass email was sent to all employees stating the Company was working on a resolution. As of today, August 7th, 2017 more than one month later, Flight Attendants that meet the criteria and are entitled to the one point credit, are still waiting for management to take action. I am myself on the affected list.

To add insult to injury, the company email went on to say that the company would be manually generating emails or letters for employees whose point levels warrant corrective action. With all due respect, if the Company has time to manually impose discipline, then they should also have time to manually adjust records to reflect a credit to those Flight Attendants who have earned it.

In addition, management’s action in delaying the application of the credited point has resulted in a number of unnecessary meetings to discuss attendance issues that don’t exist. AFA has worked overtime and stepped in to try and resolve issues related to attendance prior to the scheduling of an actual meeting. And while AFA always stands ready to advocate for our members, you have created an undue administrative burden. Time spent correcting Company induced attendance related issues have, quite frankly been going on since the inception of your policy. This is a needless waste of both Company and Union resources; time that could be better spent in improving the workplace experience of the hard working and dedicated first responders of PSA.

Mr. Flannery, it has been 38 days that the flight attendants have been waiting for what was promised them, and we will not be patient any longer. We demand that this be immediately rectified, or we will take any and all action necessary to protect our members.
We expect a prompt response to this most important issue.


Lee Wilkes
AFA PSA MEC President