Four Steps to OPT IN to an Alternate Uniform

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Four Steps to Opt in to an Alternative Uniform

The purpose of this bulletin is to walk you through that process of opting in to an alternative uniform. If you have more questions, then don’t hesitate to contact AFA for help. Here come the steps… And all of the links on this page are posted at

STEP #1: Choose your alternative and notify the company


Email to inform PSA that that you are EITHER returning to the blues OR purchasing grey look-alike suiting pieces and white shirts. You can wear an approved scarf that has been issued by US Airways or AA, including the navy blue scarf that you should have received in training or (with company approval) an alternate lookalike scarf (show photo to management to check okay). Please review PSA’s “alternative uniforms” policy posted HERE, and also PSA’s recommendations for where to buy lookalike garments online. When you send that email, remember to CC AFA (for email addresses, see Step #3).


STEP #2: Get everything out of your house


If you have had a reaction to the uniform(s), you need to remove the garments from your closet and living space. You may want to throw them in the garbage after removing airline-identifying features. Do not donate them under any circumstances. Or you can store each garment in its own bag, and put them all in a sealed Tupperware box or cardboard box wrapped with duct tape that is physically removed from your living space. Also, don’t forget to remove belts, scarves/ties, apron, and all packaging material.


STEP #3: If you have reacted to the garments, report it


  • Report to AFA using our online reporting form. This report will not be shared with the company; and
  • Report in writing to the company.
  • If you are subsequently react to working near other uniforms or to contact with the jumpseat, document with the company each time, and CC AFA ( ,


STEP #4: If you have symptoms, see a doctor and file for workers’ compensation


If you have symptoms that develop/worsen when wearing your uniform and improve when not wearing your uniform, see a doctor. Uniform reaction symptoms reported to AFA are largely irritant symptoms to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Some people have also reported chronic nosebleeds, hair loss, menstrual cycle changes, ear/sinus blockages, headaches, joint pain, increased blood pressure, and thyroid issues. Please review the list of the chemicals identified in garment testing posted HERE and share with your doctor. File an OJI report, at a minimum to meet the company policy to get uniform-related attendance points removed. Members report noticeable improvements in their health when they stop wearing these garments. However, even when they are no longer wearing these uniforms, some people continue to experience less pronounced reactions when working in close proximity with others who continue to wear the uniforms. Report those too (see Step #3).