Negotiations Committee Update

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Your committee met for direct talks in Dayton Ohio the week of September 2017. Representing you were Lee Wilkes, MEC President, Alicia Brockers, and Marty Dellinger. Your committee was assisted by AFA Staff Negotiator Suzanne Balzer. Representing PSA management were Deb Hoke and Joanne Dinkelacker, Inflight Services, Brookelen Resides, Crew Scheduling, Marcus Valentino, Labor Relations and Tony Bralich, F&H Solutions. The last day the talks were joined by Bennett Alexander, PSA Finance.

We spent the week exchanging proposals on the following sections:

  • General
  • Leaves
  • Sick Leave
  • Reserve

We narrowed the issues and except for economics, agreed to some provisions. We are now negotiating the most important items of a contract and it will now take more time to review and discuss and in some cases cost out the proposals being passed. We expect progress but at a slower pace.

As always, we appreciate your support. Wear your AFA pin and let management know you stand with your committee in obtaining the contract you deserve.

We have sessions scheduled for:

October 17-19

November and December – committees work independently

January 2018 16-18

February 13-15

March 20-22


Fly safe and take care of each other.

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Committee Descriptions and Application

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
Dear flying partners,

Enclosed in the Eline are descriptions for several different committees that we are seeking volunteers to fill. We hope that you’ve had some time since the last Eline announcing the positions to contemplate about which committee best fits your interest. Your consideration and commitment to volunteer for the open positions is greatly valued! As membership grows, so does the need for committee volunteers to provide the best representation for our membership.

Also attached is the application that will need to be filled out entirely and submitted to the MEC along with a resume. Please send all applications to Lee Wilkes and CC Diane Lyons as well,

Deadline to return applications with resumes will be October 10th, 2017. Applicants should be a member in good standing, preferably with one year with the Company, but we will highly consider applicants with 6 months or more.
An application for EAP/Professional Standards will also be coming in a separate Eline.
Thank you in advance for your commitment to serve the membership and your flying partners. We look forward to hearing from you.


Application for Committee Position

Air Health and Security Committee

Benefits and Insurance Committee

Hotel Committee

Payroll Assistance Committee

Reserve Committee

Scheduling Committee

Uniform Committee


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Union Representative Vacancies

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Union Representative Vacancies

As our membership grows, so does our need for representation. While we have wonderful established committees, we are looking to expand in all areas. Adding more representatives under each committee will better serve our membership needs.
Each committee will have it’s own separate description and application process sent over the next couple of weeks. We wanted to give advance notice to those that may be interested, to start thinking about what committees they may be wanting to get involved with.
We will be taking applications for EAP, Air, Health, and Safety, Grievance, Hotel, Benefits, and Scheduling. If you are experienced or just passionate about any of these committees, we encourage you to apply when the application process is announced.
We are stronger together, better together, and there is strength in numbers. We look forward to hear from those wishing to apply. More details to come.

In Solidarity,

Lee and Diane

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AFA-CWA Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Give To or Get Help From

the AFA-CWA Disaster Relief Fund for

Hurricane Harvey & Irma

We know that disasters can change lives forever. While we can’t stop destructive events from happening, we can, as a Union, assist our members with their recovery. AFA established the Disaster Relief Fund after September 11th to assist our members whose lives were placed in harms way. AFA members and retirees, whose primary residence is in the counties listed below and who have suffered damage and/or dislocation, are eligible for $200.00 from the AFA-CWA Disaster Relief Fund.  It is a gift made possible by the generosity of your fellow union sisters and brothers with AFA.


Texas Counties:  Aransas, Bee, Brazoria, Calhoun, Chambers, Colorado, Fayette, Fort Bend, Galveston, Goliad, Hardin, Harris, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Kleberg, Liberty, Matagorda, Montgomery, Newton, Nueces, Orange, Refugio, Sabine, San Jacinto, San Patricio, Victoria, Waller, Wharton

Florida Counties: Broward, Charlotte, Clay, Collier, Duval, Flagler, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Putnam, Sarasota, St. Johns


If you would like to apply for AFA-CWA Disaster Relief Funds, visit and download the Disaster Relief Fund Application and fax it to the International AFA EAP Department at 202-434-1411 or mail it to AFA-CWA EAP Department, 6th Floor, 501 Third Street NW, Washington D.C.  20001-2797.   You can also e-mail this same information requested to or phone in the necessary information to 1-800-424-2406


If you wish to make a contribution either by check or electronic payment, please visit for more information on donating.

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Association of Flight Attendants-CWA


Due to high winds in Charlotte, all regional flying through CLT has cancelled today, September 11, 2017. PSA has had 300 flight cancellations system wide and it will likely take 24 hours to get operations back to a normal. In communications from the Company, Crew Scheduling and Travelliance are working to accommodate all crews as quickly as possible.
The Company has requested that crew members refrain from directly calling Travelliance while waiting for room requests to go through, as excessive phone calls will result to further delay of the booking process due to the mass amount of rooms needed. They have asked to contact Crew Scheduling if there are questions about reservations over the next 12 hours. You may also use the CrewConnex app to check for updates on reservations and confirmations.
If you have been waiting for 4 hours, call scheduling to get a day room.
If you are on an overnight and see in FLICA that your flight it cancelled and have not been notified, remain at the hotel. If you are at your overnight and FLICA doesn’t reflect cancellations, proceed to the airport for your scheduled show, unless you’vebeen notified by scheduling otherwise.
We are standing by for any questions or assistance we can provide.
Lee Wilkes –330-831-5740
Diane Lyons- 856-308-4003
Breanne Martine- 561-596-2736
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September 11th – Never Forget

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

September 11 – Never Forget

While we are concerned that our friends and co-workers are safe and secure during Hurricane Irma, please also remember that tomorrow marks the anniversary of September 11.

Sixteen years ago we made a promise to Never Forget the events of September 11, 2001 and never allow them to be repeated.  Every single day we work to defend our skies and make them safer, whether through our work in the cabin, our advocacy on Capitol Hill, or our work with federal agencies.  We also have worked closely to ensure proper recognition is given to our heroes and their memory is lasting for generations to come.

Tomorrow, I will be in Charlotte with black ribbons, designed to honor our heroes. Flight Attendants  Anne Mercer Rowan and Jabari Campbell will also be handing out ribbons as well.

The Ribbon must be worn behind the AFA pin and only on this day.  On Tuesday, they will need to be removed in order to be in Uniform Compliance.  I will be around the Charlotte crew room from 10AM – 2PM distributing the ribbons, Jabari will be in DCA, and Anne will be flying and handing them out around the system.

Thank you for honoring our heroes and continuing to keep our promise to Never Forget.


In Solidarity,

Lee Wilkes


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Update on Hurricane Irma

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Update Regarding Hurricane Irma

We’re happy to report the Company is being proactive and making accommodations for our members being impacted by Hurricane Irma.  The following information has been sent to your company email.
  1. Commuter – If you commute to work to CLT and would like to be proactive in reporting for your trip, a hotel room will be provided to you.  Please contact Scheduling for assistance.


If you are unable to report for work, you may request time off from your trip.  Contact the Inflight Supervisors  for a schedule adjustment.


  1. Life and Property – If you are being impacted by the Hurricane and require additional time off to secure life and property or deal with the aftermath of the storm, you may request a Personal Leave of Absence.  Contact the Inflight Supervisors or Chief Pilots to arrange the time of the requested leave.


Feel free to contact your Inflight Supervisors for any further assistance that you may need.

Stay as safe as possible during this time.


In Solidarity,

Lee and Diane


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Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Preparing for Hurricane Irma

With Hurricane Irma looming upon us, we want to ensure our members have as much information possible to ensure their safety.
If you are someone that lives in the path of Irma, please use the following link to assist you in preparing.  This useful information has been provided by AFA Air, Health, and Safety.

There has also been very helpful information compiled on the AFA website from the international office.   Please visit

If you need confidential assistance from EAP before, during, or after, please contact EAP MEC Chair Camille Brown at 917-374-5067 or the International EAP at 1-800-424-2406.
We asked our members to come together and offer assistance to those that may need a safe place to stay.  Many of you stepped up and have opened your homes through our social media posts .  We couldn’t be more proud of our members that have offered assistance.  Below are just a few that we specifically took from the AFA website.  There are more than the list below, please check the face book pages for additional members that have graciously opened their homes.
Meredith Decker:  +1 (864) 760-8913

I have an extra bed in DAY if anyone needs a place to stay!
Vida Lear:  980-406-9676
My home is open to any Crew members who are Evacuating and need a place to stay
God bless
Michelle Plaza: 973-715-5176
I have a couch and air mattress and live in charlotte. I will be done with a 3 day trip Saturday afternoon. I leave for vacation on Sunday but if anybody stranded bc of the hurricane needs a place to crash Saturday night my home is open. Plenty of parking and I can even pick you up from the airport.
Ramona Duncan: +1 (704) 877-0387
I will be home Thursday if anyone needs a place to stay I am in the Kings Mountain area!  I will be off work until Tuesday so I could pick up or drop off anyone who had a trip!
Michelle Von Atzigen: 619-647-8066
I’m in TYS, if anyone gets stuck here or is in the path of Irma and must evacuate, please know the door is open. We have three extra bedrooms and room for air mattresses if necessary.   We also have a fenced yard, so if you have a pup please don’t leave him/her behind.   I do have two cats and a little pup as well.  Please feel free to call or text me 619-647-8066.  Mi Casa Su Casa.  Stay safe my flying family.
Lisa Wulff:  513-571-4647
Florida FA you are welcome to take refuge at my home in Ohio please do not hesitate to contact me 513-571-4647
Julie Mosteller 336-469-0059
1 hour north of CLT
40 min from GSO
Denis Spangler Handley
TYS based
Tammie Mashburn Scarbrough
15-20 min from airports
will provide transportation
Julie Montgomery
Helpful tips if you are flying –  Irregular Operations (IROPS) will be a certainty.  Be prepared by packing extra clothes and snacks.  Know your duty limits- 14 hours scheduled duty day and 15 hours for weather and maintenance. Carry your contract, and reach out to an AFA scheduling representative or officer if needed.  Stay in contact with your base supervisor and scheduling if you are having difficulty commuting.  Communication is very important.
We will send more information as we receive it.  Please be safe, and take care of each other.
In Solidarity,
Lee and Diane