Air Health, Safety and Security Update

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Air Health, Safety, & Security Update
We are hearing that there is mold back on the aircraft. We need data and proof. Please send tail numbers and pictures to Jose Hernandez at We are hoping to have all tail numbers by February 20th. Please help us collect all aircraft to send it to the safety department. As must of you know we do have a cleaning policy in place but it’s getting missed.
Fatigue Report: Please make sure you are completing your fatigue report within 24 hours once you called out. It has to have detail in it. You can ask for a hotel in base. You get that hotel for 10hrs. If a union rep calls you and ask you to add information to your report, please make sure you do. If you have any questions about fatigue contact Megan Hughes at or at (513) 265-8658.
We are also starting to collect old blue uniforms for members that are haveing reaction to the new American uniforms. Please if you have any pieces please contact Colleen Cafferty at We are trying to collect as many pieces as we can.
If you are having a reaction to the new American uniforms please fill out this report at:
Please call Megan Hughes if you have any questions for uniform reactions or how to approach managment to get options. (513) 265-8658 or
Please remember Facebook or Facebook messenger is not a good way to get ahold of a rep. If you need to contact a rep please email, call or text.
Thank you and fly safe!
Megan Hughes
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