Payroll Committee News

Possibly some good news for payroll committee
A couple years ago we started a payroll committee. Payroll is not a typical AFA committee, so it was kind of our own thing. The idea was to help people understand their paycheck. I would like to make clear that this committee is there to strictly try to help, but is in no way obligated to do payroll discrepancies for you. Only you can do that part. They are there to assist in understanding if your discrepancy is denied and you believe that it is still inaccurate. They are not part of PSA payroll, and have nothing to do with you actually being paid by PSA. I have to make that known, because there are still some that think they are part of the actual payroll process.
With that being said, I’ve been working on seeing if the Company would sit down with us and do some scenarios that aren’t typically defined in the the contract that makes things difficult to dissect, such as unpaid leave, workers comp, etc… anything that changes your guarantee.
Pending approval from the Company, I think this is going to happen. With that being said, with our numbers CJ Medlin cannot do this on his own. We will be looking for a couple volunteers to actually get a crash course in payroll training from our payroll department ( Pending final approval from the Company). This will have to be a quick throw together committee to help assist CJ and will most likely happen this month. I’ll get an actual Committee Description up today or tomorrow, as if this goes through the training will most likely commence this month.