Update from the Company 062018

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Update from the Company


  • Communication
    • If not time critical – Email the Inflight Supervisors or Chief Pilots
    • If time critical – Call using the Inflight Supervisor or Chief Pilot On Call.
  • Notifications – FLICA is now operational. If you have reviewed changes to your schedules please email the Inflight Supervisors and the Chief Pilots with the following information. We will log the notification in Crew Trac and this will save you time on hold with Crew Scheduling.
    • Name
    • PSA employee number
    • Assignment you are acknowledging, i.e LCR, SCR, or report time
    • Any other relevant information
  • Open segments – we still need to move some aircraft into position for tomorrow. If you are available TODAY, please complete the following form. Scheduling will build the assignments and then you can follow the notification procedure above.
    • If you complete the field ‘Destination After Completion of Duties’ we will provide a DH to return you home or to move you into position for your next assignment.
  • Hotels – if you do not have a hotel listed in your CrewConnex for today then email a request to the Inflight Supervisors and Chief Pilots
  • DH PNR’s – report early to the gate for deadheads. If there is no PNR and there is time available (greater than one hour) email the Inflight Supervisors or Chief Pilots. If the flight is scheduled to depart within an hour then please call Inflight or the Chiefs.
  • Critical Coverage – Critical Coverage has been declared in all bases and all seats for Wednesday, June 20 and Thursday, June 21 . This is for both Pilots and Flight Attendants.
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