Seeking Committee reps for All Positions – AFA Needs your Help!!!

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Seeking Committee reps for All Positions – AFA Needs your Help!!!


Included in this communication is the remainder of the committees we are seeking volunteers to fill. If any of the positions interest you, we encourage you to volunteer. You will be trained for your position and will also learn from experience. If interested in volunteering for any these committees, please email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Position volunteering for
  • Time with PSA or other airlines
  • Contact information including personal email and phone number
  • Domicile/Base
  • Why you are interested in the committee
  • Any relevant experience.

Volunteers should be in good standing with the Union and also with the Company .

The Committees are:

Grievance and Air, Health and Safety: These two committees information were sent in separate communications.

BENEFITS:  This committee encompasses FMLA, Insurance, workers comp, and Medical.  As a member of this committee you will assist flight attendants with problems related to the programs.  If you are knowledgeable in one area, but not another, please still apply.  We can put you on the one area you have the expertise in.

HOTEL COMMITTEE:  This committee investigates flight attendant complaints about hotel facilities, and also periodically checks these facilities for any decline in quality.

SCHEDULING COMMITTEE:  Provides input to and coordinates with the company scheduling department in reviewing the flight attendant schedule and contract legalities.

RESERVE COMMITTEE:  Serves as a liaison to all reserve flight attendants, representing their particular concerns and issues.  Will also help reserve flight attendants understand the reserve system.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Help write, edit, and produce our local communications.  Will also help assist in maintaining and updating the AFA website.

LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS:  Work on the State level to establish working relationships with senators and representatives to further the legislative interests of the flight attendants.  Educate the flight attendants on the importance of legislative action.

AFA-CWA MOBILIZER:  Will work closely with the MEC officers and negotiating committee to inform membership of what is happening with contract negotiations.  Provide effective communications between the MEC and the membership.  Information is distributed while working flights, in crew lounges, and on layovers.

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