CVG Base Closure

 The Company will advise the Union of anticipated domicile openings and closings as soon as it finalizes the decision to open or close the domicile(s).
 When a new domicile is opening, vacancies will be posted and awarded as described in Section 20.
 When a new domicile is opened which involves a reallocation of flying among the existing work force, and there are insufficient bids to fill the new positions, the most junior Flight Attendants within the domicile(s) at which the reduction in flying occurred will be assigned the unbid vacancies.
 When a domicile is closed or reduced and no furloughs result, a Flight Attendant may exercise her/his seniority to bid a vacancy under the provisions of Section 20 but may not displace another Flight Attendant.
 When the closing or reduction of a domicile results in a furlough, the provisions of Section 19 will govern.
 If the Company opens a new domicile, the Company and the Union will meet and confer over appropriate report times for reserve in the new domicile.

 The Company will pay moving expenses when:
1. A Flight Attendant is involuntarily assigned, other than incident to initial employment or recall from furlough, to another domicile from her/his present domicile and s/he relocates.
2. A Flight Attendant is displaced to another domicile from her/his present domicile as a result of a reduction in flying time at a domicile or as a result of the closing of a domicile.
3. Moving expenses for all other Flight Attendant transfers not listed in paragraphs A.1 or A.2 above will be paid by the Flight Attendant.
 A Flight Attendant who is eligible for Company-paid expenses may elect to have her/his move paid from a location other than the domicile from which s/he is being transferred to any location within sixty (60) miles of the new domicile city. However, the Company’s responsibility will not exceed the cost of moving the Flight Attendant from the domicile from which s/he is transferred to her/his new domicile.
 The Flight Attendant will have up to eighteen (18) months to move and claim the expenses provided for herein and appropriate receipts will be required. A Flight Attendant who voluntarily terminates her/his employment within thirty (30) days of a paid move will reimburse the Company for such expenses.
 Expenses Related to Finding a New Residence, Moving Household Goods, and Personal Property
1. The Company will pay twenty-four (24) hours of per diem, at the rates specified in Section 6, per day per person for the Flight Attendant’s and spouse’s meals, and reimburse reasonable costs of lodging and transportation (including auto rental, insurance, and collision damage waiver, from a major rental chain) to find a new residence, not to exceed three (3) days and two (2) nights. The Company will attempt to arrange hotel and auto rental. If the Company should be unable to make such arrangements, the Flight Attendant shall use her/his best efforts to arrange discounts and reasonable rates. Original receipts for hotel and rental car will be required to be submitted within thirty (30) days of each event. If personal automobile is used, then the AAA mileage at the applicable IRS rate plus tolls will be reimbursed. 
2. The Company will arrange to move the Flight Attendant’s household goods utilizing a bonded carrier, with packing and pick up to be arranged on the date(s) requested by the Flight Attendant, if possible. The covered expenses include moving up to 12,000 pounds of personal goods, packing, unpacking, drayage, shipping, and insurance.
3. The Flight Attendant will request the desired moving days in writing when s/he submits her/his monthly bid. The Company will grant three (3) consecutive days off plus one (1) day off for each 350 miles or portion thereof in conjunction with the move. The Flight Attendant’s line of flying may be adjusted to allow lost duty days in the moving period to be recovered; however, the total duty days will not be increased. During these days off the Company will reimburse the reasonable cost of lodging and pay for twentyfour (24) hours of per diem at the rates specified in Section 6 for the Flight Attendant and each family member over age twelve (12) , and 50% of that amount (adjustable with increases for per diem) for each child age twelve (12) and under. Lodging expenses must be supported by original receipts submitted to the Company within thirty (30) days.
4. The Company will pay mileage at the applicable IRS rate for the driving of no more than two (2) automobiles via the most direct route from the old to the new location. Official AAA mileage charges will be used as approved mileage.
5. Should a Flight Attendant eligible for Company-paid moving expenses elect to move herself/himself, s/he will use a Company approved vendor of selfmoving equipment, e.g., Ryder, Penske, or U-Haul. The Company will pay the cost of such move not to exceed costs otherwise covered by this Section. The Company will pay the Flight Attendant $300.00 for electing to self-move after the move has been completed.
6. The Company will pay $250.00 to each Flight Attendant who makes a Company–paid move to defray relocation expenses. In addition to the above, a Flight Attendant making a Company-paid move will be permitted, upon request on the bid form, to draw an advance of not more than
7. $500.00 of her/his compensation, to be repaid in equal installments by payroll deduction over a three (3)-month period with no interest to be charged. The advance will be made prior to the move.
8. If a Flight Attendant is forced to break a lease as a result of a move for which moving expenses are payable and if a broken lease penalty is incurred, the Company will reimburse the Flight Attendant for costs associated with breaking the lease, up to two (2) months of rent, not to exceed $1800.00. In order to be eligible for said reimbursement, the Flight Attendant must make all reasonable efforts consistent with her/his lease terms and applicable law to avoid incurring the penalty, and must provide the Company with documentation of the penalty incurred. Such documentation shall be a copy of the lease agreement and/or cancelled checks for rent. Upon request, the Company will provide the Flight Attendant with documentation, and assistance to help the Flight Attendant in terminating a lease.