IMPLEMEMTATION TIMELINE- (pending contract passing)

DOR (Date of Ratification)

  • Reserve call out times-short call
    Reserve transparency (Two Weeks after)
  • Ready Reserve Pay
  • Reserve Pick Up on Days Off (will be automated)
  • Per Diem (back paid if necessary)
  • Pay Rates
  • Uniform allowance deposit – Under discussion but $18 per month
  • Extended Layover Change-DOR

August Bid Period

  • Trip Trade

September Bid Period

  • Rest to 10 Hours-Presently in the build implement for in the operation
  • Picking up trips over Golden Days
  • 75 hour- Guarantee-September bid period
  • Sick Leave Accruals-September estimate
  • Increased Golden Days-September Bid Period
    Bid/Award Timeline-Ready for September Bidding
  • 11 days off 
October Bid Period
  • Revised 401k (Estimated time)
November Bid Period
  • Reserve Bucket System

December  Bid Period
  • PED automatic roll over 12.31.2019

2020 Vacation Bidding
  • Vacation changes

  • Collection due arrears via payroll deduct
  • Min Day Pay
  • Ability to designate trips as Premium
  • Increase to Early Report/Ext/Junior Man Pay

**Please note that somethings are estimated timelines. Once a finally schedule has been made, we will update and inform on all confirmations. Some things are TBA because they require third party vendors. It is normal to work these details out as we are due to this reason.**