Tentative Agreement FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

It will be posted on our website www.afapsa.org.  We will send out an eline to let you know when it is posted.

There is a specific email address for you to send your questions-negotiationscommittee@afapsa.org

Yes- the link is on the webpage.

No, you presently have caps that are among the better in our industry.  Also, it was not a priority from the survey.  There has been a bit of good news the past couple years as after steep increasedrates have settled down. So called experts expect that to continue.

Your maximum increases did not change in this TA.  Also, no one at this time can answer for what 2020 changes may be as those decisions are made closer to years end.

We made no changes to this section of the Agreement.

PBS must be negotiated to ever be used by PSA Flight Attendants and is not part of the current TA.

FLICA is being programmed to accommodate the changes in the Scheduling section.

No and we will post examples of what the new “red for redder” will look like.

Flight Attendant requests to trade out of trip on the 5th and pick up trip on the 14th.

  • Trade would be approved to due to helping the larger deficit on the 8th. 

Flight Attendant requests to trade a three-day trip beginning on July 12th for a trip beginning on July 15th.

  •  Trade would be approved due to helping the overall deficit on the days that are in the black or red.  

You can find the entire TA on this website and the Summary of the TA.

No. The only change in the 401k is that at 12 years you will now get a 4% match and in the past, you got a 3.5% match at 15 years.

Starting in the September bid month you can not be rescheduled or scheduled for less than 10 hours rest release to report. This applies at domicile and on layover.  Neither you nor Scheduling can reduce rest to less than 10 hours.

We have had comments about what some believe to be
“grey” or “ambiguous” language in the TA. In our newly created
language we worked hard and had lengthy discussions at the
table so that both sides were clear on intent-such as creating
an Hours of Service section and that Grooming duties are
defined and limited and define management’s responsibility to
what happens when a Flight Attendant becomes ill down-line.
What we replaced could be described as ambiguous or unclear.
We understand that contract language can be confusing even if
it is “clear” from a legal perspective. This is one of the
challenges of trying to negotiate language that is legally binding
and understandable to non-lawyers.

We are working on an implementation LOA and will publish it shortly.

Effective with the September bid period if you are
rescheduled etc. you will have to be provided 10-hour non-
reducible rest. The 10 hours will be measured from release to
report and applies to both rest on layover and rest at base.
Crew Scheduling cannot reduce nor can you.

The first rate is where you will be on July 17.  But do not read just across-you will get raises on each of your anniversary dates by reading down and then across etc.  Yes, we know that the employees here at 18 years and more will only get the DOS increases.  We tried to the very end but could not push management past 18 years.  For that reason we got the largest increases for that subgroup.

Management has agreed the new rates of pay will take effect the day after the vote.  That includes new per diem increase.

Piedmont is in negotiations now and Envoy starts next year.  It was our intent to get hour rates as high as we could get compared to our sister carriers and large enough increases in the out years to keep us competitive.  We will also be open for the next negotiations before either of them.  They must now try and catch up to us and this TA does set a high bar.

No, we had the AFA Research checking their costing and were worked out any differences we felt existed.

We negotiated that the signing bonus be added to your smaller check on the 5th of the month following ratification and be taxed as wages.  If it was to be paid out separately the IRS requires it be taxed at the supplemental earnings rate which is close to 50%.

 Our contract has been amendable since May 2017.  This TA is not the first offer.  We have 2 ring binders full of first offers until we got to what we agreed was the best offer on the remaining open items.  Literally, there is 36 pounds of paper that was passed during the previous 2 ½ years!

Eligibility to vote will be determined prior to the ballot mailing.  

All active AFA Members in good standing (dues current, active​​AFA member) are eligible to vote.  Members ineligible due tonon-payment of dues will be notified when attempting to vote and will directed to the AFA MembershipDepartment.

Those on Leaves of Absence, more than 3 months, may   choose to continue to pay dues and vote.

New Flight Attendants who are scheduled to become a duespaying member-four months of flying-before voting closes will be eligible to vote during the entire period the ballot is open.

Ballots will be mailed out on June 20th.  Voting opens June 24th and closes on July 15th at 1500ET.  The results are tabulated by an outside firm.  We should have the results very quickly.

Call the AFA Ballot Hotline Monday-Friday from 0930-1700ET at 800-424-2401, press 1, and extension 706. Outside of the office hours listed above, leave a voicemail message and your call will be returned the next business day.

NO.  You can only vote once, and we ask you make an informed decision based on your own research and needs.

This is an excellent question with many concerns expressed on social media.  As stated above there is not absolute formula.  However, there are some usual steps.

1. If the TA was voted down, AFA normally sends out a survey so members could identify their top reasons for voting no.
2. Our talks were being held under the supervision of the NMB, that will continue, and they most often want to focus on the top reasons the TA was not acceptable and steer future sessions to “fix” these items.  Management is also allowed to re-introduce items they did not attain in the previous TA.  That is not to say the NMB can dictate how the process will move going forward but the NMB’sonly goal is to reach an agreement-any agreement.
3. We the AFA PSA members must be prepared to bring pressure on management to reach an acceptable agreement, including pressure on our mainline owner, being undivided in our goals and taking a strike vote and participate in public events in support of our goals.