We are currently seeking candidates to be considered for Base Reps at DCA.
Duties of responsibility are as follows but not limited to:
  •  Updating and maintaining the AFA bulletin board in that Domicile (coming soon) and distribute AFA material to v-files
  •  Being a liaison between the members in the base, supervisors, and the MEC
  •  Knowledgeable in the area to help assist new hires with information about hotels, transportation, crash pads, etc.
  •  Strong contract knowledge
  •   Able to identify base specific problems and bring them to the attention of the MEC
  • Applicants are preferred to have at least one year experience with the Company, however since this is a new base we will consider those with under one year.
  • Will need to sign a one (1) year commitment to serve and need to be a member in good standing (not delinquent on AFA dues)
 Please send resumes to Diane Lyons at dlyons@afapsa.org
Any questions concerning the position can be directed to Lee Wilkes at  330-831-5740