AFA PSA Contact Number

We are pleased to announce that we now have a central phone number for all of your AFA needs. Our new number is specifically dedicated to our council. This will give our members one number that they need to know, instead of always referring to a committee roster.

AFA for Council 75 Toll free Number

An easier way to remember is 844-4-AFA-AFA

We will run this through a testing phase for the next couple of weeks, and will add more AFA reps soon after testing. Today the prompts are:

0 or 1- for an officer, grievance issue, or representation
2- Scheduling issues
3- Hotel issues
4- EAP services
5- Air, Health, and Safety

We hope this make things easier for our members with having to have only one number. Again, this is in testing phase, so if you don’t receive a call back within 24 hours, please refer to the committee roster. If you encounter any issues using the new phone system, please report them to Lee Wilkes- 330-831-5740.